Power steering fluid is as vital as other fluids in your Jaguar, yet it is the most overlooked. As a responsible Jaguar owner, you know that maintenance services are crucial to your vehicle. For that reason, you should include the power steering fluid check on your regular maintenance list.

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid used in the power steering system to create links between the steering wheel and the front wheels of your Jaguar. The system reduces the effort you need to apply to turn the wheels. The power steering fluid, just like oil, deteriorates after a while and should be replaced. A failure can cause the whole power steering system of your Jaguar to fail.

How often should you change the power steering fluid?

The best answer to this question lies in your owner’s manual. Your Jaguar’s owner’s manual understates how often you should change the fluid and the recommended types and brands best for your model. Generally for Jaguars, the steering fluid needs replacement every 50,000 miles.

If you ever think of doing a maintenance service for your Jaguar on your own, especially when it is about steering fluid, you’d better think again. This is one service that you are highly likely to get wrong.

It requires a level of technical know-how to flush the power steering system. Moreover, you might not be able to locate the power steering fluid reservoir if you are not familiar with Jaguar components. Make it easier for yourself and avoid the risk of damaging your Jaguar by contacting our specialist to inspect the condition of your steering fluid and replace it if necessary.

Signs that Your Power Steering Fluid Needs Replacement

While you may be waiting for the time or mileage stated by your Jaguar’s owner’s manual before you replace your power steering fluid, the fluid might go bad prematurely. Consequently, your Jaguar’s performance and efficiency will drop. Even worse, it puts you at risk of an accident.

These symptoms should alarm you when your power steering fluid needs to be replaced:

  • Noisy steering: Noisy steering might be due to deteriorated power steering fluid that has lost its ability to lubricate the components of the power steering system. Similarly, the fluid level might be low and needs topping. Your mechanic will determine if it should be replaced or topped.
  • Steering Difficulty: As the power steering fluid deteriorates, it loses its ability to work smoothly. Consequently, the steering wheel becomes much harder to turn. In this case, driving your Jaguar may be dangerous, since the steering may fail to be responsive.
  • Grinding from the power steering pump: Contaminated power steering fluid can become more viscous and hard for the pump to push. As the pump struggles to pump it, it becomes noisy.
  • Darkened fluid: As with other fluids in your Jaguar, power steering fluid becomes dark after a while. This is the time you must replace it. You can inspect the fluid in the power steering fluid reservoir to see its condition. Also, if you see particles in the fluid, it shows that the fluid is contaminated and it is time to flush it out.

What causes power steering fluid to deteriorate?

  • Parts wearing out: As parts of the power steering system wear out, fine pieces shed off the power steering could fall off and mix with the fluid. This contaminates the fluid.
  • Natural degradation: The chemical compounds of the fluid will naturally degrade over time due to the heat and pressure under which the fluid is subjected.
  • Contaminated fluid: The fluid may be contaminated by water trapped within the power steering fluid reservoir. The trapped water then oxidizes the steering fluid and erodes its hydraulic ability.


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