Land Rover is one of the most sought-after high-end off-road vehicles that is known for its performance and advanced features. However, like other luxury cars, your Land Rover also encounters various issues and prominent among them is issues related to the functioning of the accessory drive belt.

There are several factors that can cause the accessory drive belt to malfunction and here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons behind accessory drive belt failure in Land Rover & ways to deal with the problems.

Extreme Heat & Humidity

One of the prominent reasons behind the failure of the accessory drive belt is the high temperature and humidity under the hood of your luxury car. The internal combustion process in your engine generates a very high temperature and if this temperature is not regulated then it starts to take a toll on the accessory drive belt of your car.

Now, often it is seen that the failure of the accessory drive belt is tied to other faulty components and in this particular case, issues with the functioning of the water pump can affect the accessory drive belt adversely. The water pump is responsible for proper circulation of coolant which absorbs the excess heat generated by the engine.

The accessory drive belt is made up of rubber and due to the extreme heat generated starts to wear out and the rubber develops cracks and when this goes unnoticed for a long time and your accessory drive belt breaks apart after some time.

Whenever your belt encounters damage due to extreme heat generated by the engine, you will observe a shiny & glazed appearance on the belt.

Misalignment Problems

Well, due to the off-roading capabilities of Land Rover many owners take it out for a spin on the tough terrains and this is when you might encounter misalignment problems in your Land Rover. Most often drivers tend to ignore this misalignment problem and this is when you get to see problems with the working of the accessory drive belt.

Due to misalignment, you are going to hear unusual sounds coming from under the hood of your high-end car. You are going to hear chirping and squealing sounds produced by the accessory drive belt when you are driving. This indicates that the belt is getting loose and this can cause premature failure of the accessory drive belt.

Now, most of the time it is seen that upon hearing these unusual noises the Land Rover owners resort to DIY videos to diagnose and fix their belts. However, they end up causing more damage to their high-end car and this is why you must seek the assistance of certified mechanics who are equipped with the latest tools to help resolve your issues.

Worn Out Components

Often it is seen that the accessory drive belt suffers damage due to other damaged components that inadvertently come in contact with the belt and in turn damage it. There are a host of components under the hood of your Land Rover that work in cohesion with the accessory drive belt.

However, if any of these components start to encounter issues and break up then it can create problems for your accessory drive belt. When these damaged components come in contact with the belt they take a toll on its functioning and the belt starts to wear out eventually.

Overburdening the Belt

Some Land Rover owners have the habit of adding additional accessories to their luxury cars besides what has been provided by the manufacturer. Now, this is a prominent reason behind the failure of the accessory drive belt in your Land Rover.

The number of additional accessories you add to your high-end car starts to overburden the accessory drive belt and it ultimately breaks apart. That is why often professional mechanics advise against installing aftermarket accessories in cars.

Loose Belt

At times, the accessory drive belt malfunctions because it is unable to maintain proper tension and becomes loose which affects its functioning adversely. This often causes the belt to slip off and you will also encounter issues with the functioning of some of your accessories.

In addition to that, a belt that is too stiff can also affect the bearings and accessories and that is why proper tension should always be maintained by the belt.

Dell’s Service Center To Your Rescue

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