Green Bay’s

Trusted European Service Center Since 1969

Repair - Service - Maintenance - Hybrids

Green Bay’s

Trusted European Service Center Since 1969

Repair - Service - Maintenance - Hybrids

Green Bay’s Trusted
European Auto Repair Facility

Maintaining your European vehicle should not be an expensive, frustrating process. Dealership services are often overpriced, and inexperienced mechanics only make things worse. The highly qualified and experienced mechanics at Dell’s Service Center specialize in quality service without a hefty price tag because we believe in treating every customer with the integrity that they deserve. We pride ourselves on helping Green Bay drivers get back on the road quickly and safely without long wait times or ineffective service.

Dell’s Service Center
Maintenance from Masters

Dell’s Service Center is owned and operated by an ASE Certified Master Technician and the shop is supported by a team of master technicians who are always ready to tackle any issue that your vehicle may be experiencing with the utmost care and expertise.

  • State-of-the-Art Tools and Equipment
  • Clean, Comfortable Waiting Area
  • Key Fob Servicing

Your comfort is just as important to us as ensuring high-quality automotive service. Relax in our comfortable, clean waiting area while we resolve the issues that your car is experiencing. In addition to mechanical servicing, we also provide key fob service for  our convenience.

Brands we served

When you entrust your vehicle to Dell’s Service Center’s European automotive specialists, you can expect quality care using the most up-to-date servicing methods and equipment.

Our mechanics have decades of combined experience maintaining popular European brands such as:

Air Conditioning Repair

Clutch Repair

Electrical System

Suspension Services

Brake Service


Oil Change Services

Transmission Repair

Check Engine Light

Engine Repair

Software Update

Key Fob Replacement

European Auto Specialists
Our Services

We’ve been servicing our friends and family in Green Bay and the surrounding
neighborhoods for over 20 years.



Dell’s Service Center is rated 4.7 out of 5.0 based on 543 reviews.

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