While some people own BMWs just to get them from point A to point B, others want to truly experience the pinnacle of automotive excellence. If that’s you, you likely recognize that while your European vehicle is a great starting point, it can be a lot better. That’s where CarBahn comes in.

Performance Software

When you choose CarBahn, you get performance tuning solutions that can take your car to the next level. Performance software from CarBahn calibrates your car’s software by adjusting the power safely. Safety is the key here, as dialing up your torque too high can damage your tires, engine, and drivetrain. CarBahn ensures you can get the most power possible out of your car without doing any damage.


Suspension isn’t just about a smooth ride — it’s about handling. When you want a responsive vehicle that’s ready for the road or track, CarBahn suspension tuning can help you achieve that. With superior suspension geometry and carefully engineered high performance coil-over suspension systems, you’ll experience an incredible drive.

Intake and Exhaust

Airflow is crucial for any performance vehicle — it impacts the engine’s efficiency, power output, and the overall driving experience. CarBahn’s intake and exhaust improvements create increased airflow, so your BMW can give you the exhilarating performance you crave.

All About Precision

One of the things these European brands are most known for is their precision engineering, so it’s no surprise that CarBahn shares this same dedication to careful development. When you want your car fine-tuned to perfection, from perfecting the air intake system to recalibrating the suspension, CarBahn is the way to go.


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Dell’s Service Center: Authorized CarBahn Dealer

At Dell’s Service Center, we are passionate about cars, so we love taking the time to do performance upgrades, making an already great vehicle even better. If you live in or around Green Bay, call or stop by today to learn how CarBahn can help your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes reach heights you’ve only dreamed of.

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