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Green Bay’s Ultimate Service & Repair Provider for Volvo

If you own a Volvo, you most likely want your maintenance to be done with great care and attention. Volvo’s can be fickle, and having just anyone perform your Volvo repairs won’t do. You have probably tried your dealership in the Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI, area, and while they did a serviceable job, they probably missed something, and are hoping you come back to them for the next fix.

If you are tired of getting this kind of treatment from your dealership, have your Volvo maintenance handled by the professionals at Dell’s Service Center. At Dell’s we understand the small issues going on in your car and our Volvo specialists have experience fixing any and all problems you may be experiencing.

By using cutting-edge technology, our Volvo service center is able to get to the bottom of the most common issues instigating Volvo repairs. One very common issue that plagues older model Volvos is transmission failure once the car hits 100,000 miles. This issue can be avoided with regular maintenance from a trusted provider.

Alternatively, if your transmission decides to quit working, our Volvo mechanics will be able to perform top notch transmission repairs on any make or model of Volvo. Our shop has access to original factory parts, which set us apart from the competition.

While the transmission issues can be worrisome, there are general Volvo maintenance hiccups that Dell’s can address for you. We are able to perform all of the standard Volvo service requirements that you need. Whether you need an oil change, a tire rotation, battery service, or brake repairs, our Volvo mechanics are happy to oblige.

Dell’s Service Center is also equipped to perform safety inspections on any Volvo that comes through the door. You want to be certain that you are driving a safe vehicle, and we want that as well. If you are looking for a Volvo specialist to perform such a check, Dell’s has been doing them for years.

Dell’s has been provided 46 years of service to the Green Bay area. Rest easy and let them handle your Volvo repairs. You’ll be glad you did.3

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