Jaguars are manufactured with many gaskets designed to seal off specific areas. One in particular is the exhaust manifold gasket. This gasket is made of a durable material but is still subject to failure.

The exhaust manifold is designed to take the combusted gases out of the cylinders and route them through to the exhaust pipe to be expelled through the exhaust fumes. The exhaust manifold is bolted to the engine and cylinder heads and sealed off with an exhaust manifold gasket.

The exhaust manifold gasket is made of many layers of durable materials including graphite, ceramic composites, embossed steel, and more. It is responsible for helping the engine breathe by preventing dirty gases from reentering the clean air/fuel mixture that has yet to be combusted allowing a clean air/fuel mixture to continue circulating through the engine.

Warning Signs of Exhaust Manifold Gasket Failure

There are many signs associated with exhaust manifold gasket failure reported by Jaguar drivers and seen in our shop including:

  • An excessively noisy engine: A failing, faulty, or completely-failed exhaust manifold gasket allows exhaust fumes to leak out. An exhaust leak is commonly reported to cause a hissing or tapping sound being emitted from the engine bay. These odd noises are often heard the most during acceleration. It is important that drivers are aware of any changes or noises from their vehicle that are “not normal,” as this is a good indicator to have your Jaguar inspected by our trained professionals.
  • A decrease in performance: Jaguars are known for their high-powered engines and exceptional performance, but when the intake manifold gasket fails, the overall performance takes a hit. From power, acceleration, and even the fuel economy, nothing is spared. Drivers may notice a slight decrease at first, commonly with a small exhaust leak. However, the small leak inevitably leads to a larger leak when left untreated causing more of a decrease in your Jaguars performance. Drivers should not let this go for too long as a vehicle that is unable to receive adequate power from the engine will eventually stop running altogether.
  • A burning smell emitted from the engine bay: When the exhaust manifold gasket fails to do its job, the engine’s wiring or any plastic parts nearby might be burned from the excess heat from exhaust gases as a result of an exhaust leak. In addition to smelling something burning, drivers have also reported seeing smoke in small amounts coming from beneath the hood. It is important that if you smell something burning or see smoke that you pull over as soon as possible in a safe area, allow the vehicle to cool off, and call a tow truck to take your Jaguar to your trusted auto repair shop for a diagnostic inspection to reduce the chance of further damage.

The exhaust manifold gasket is one of the most important gaskets within the engine compartment. It is the main gasket that is responsible for sealing off and pressurizing the entire exhaust system. It seals all passages within the exhaust system together ensuring that exhaust gases are vacuumed to the Jaguar’s tailpipe where the gases are emitted into the atmosphere.


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