The Audi brand is known for its sleek design, powerful engine, and undeniable class. It not only has a beautiful exterior. The Audi comes packed with power, so much so that car enthusiasts all over love to hear the roar of the engine. This makes the Audi a dream car for many all over the globe. In addition, to being a picture of perfection, the Audi is also known for its reliability. Many Audi owners keep their cars for years on end simply because their durability is unmatched. When properly maintained and serviced on a consistent basis, the Audi can last for an extended period of time.

However, as durable and good-looking as Audis are, they still come with their fair share of issues. To begin, they require special parts that must be administered by Audi specialists. If an owner were to take their Audi to any old shop, they could run the risk of having their car functioning at an improper level. In addition to being high maintenance, one issue that many Audi owners face has to do with the thermostatic radiator valve. This part plays a vital role in keeping your Audi in excellent condition. Let’s take a look at what the thermostatic radiator valve does and how to maintain it.

What role does the thermostatic radiator valve play?

Your engine requires coolant to run properly. When this coolant becomes too hot, it could result in the engine overheating. Therefore, the radiator valve regulates the temperature of the coolant and cools off the engine. In addition, this piece has a major function in how well your coolant flows throughout the engine. When the temperature of the coolant is heightened, the valve works to regulate and cool it. This is key to keeping your engine from overheating and allowing coolant to flow with ease.

Where is this part located?

The thermostatic radiator valve is a small piece located in between the engine and radiator. Generally, this piece is 5 centimeters in size. Its shape is quite peculiar in nature. It looks almost like an inhaler that asthmatic patients would use. On top of the piece sits a valve with a twist-top. The piece is comprised of the following parts:

  • Valve
  • Spring
  • Seal
  • Bypass valve
  • Charge cylinder

How does it work?

The valve waits for the coolant to reach 200 degrees. Once this happens, the thermostat is opened and allows the coolant to pass through. This journey cools the coolant and regulates its temperature, making it easier for the engine to use. This piece works hand-in-hand with keeping your engine in excellent condition while managing toxic emissions.

If you’re more curious about how this piece works, take it out of your car and bring it inside to your sink. Heat up a pot of water and experiment with it. Watch how the piece opens once the water reaches a certain temperature. This will give you a visual of what happens when your coolant passes through this piece.

In order for this valve to work properly, there’s a piece of wax that’s nestled within the cylinder. Once the wax melts, the rod piece pushes the cylinder, thus making the valve open. After the process is over, the wax dries up and returns back to its original form.

Role of Thermostatic Radiator Valve in Audi

There are several signs that indicate you have a faulty thermostatic radiator valve on your hands. The primary sign is your engine overheating frequently. You may notice that your vehicle overheats even after you add new coolant. Because the valve is unable to cool the coolant down, this increases the chance of overheating. When left unaddressed, this could lead to possible engine failure.

How to Fix This Issue

Often times, the best way to fix this problem is to get the valve replaced. Since this part plays such a vital role in how your engine functions, it’s best to have a professional mechanic handle this thermostatic radiator valve issues. You would hate to cause more harm than good.

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