Audi is world renowned for their design and engineering; simply put, they make fast, reliable, and durable cars that a range of individuals can enjoy. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a commuter, Audi is a good fit. Although they are known for their reliability, even the most well designed machines encounter wear and tear. Preventive maintenance is key in order to keep your Audi running at its optimal performance level at all times. One aspect of preventive vehicle maintenance is checking fluid levels and inspecting the cooling system. This is especially important in summer months, as this is typically the time of year that you see the most vehicles stranded on roadsides due to cooling system issues. This is concerning for drivers in the Green Bay, WI area; the amount of commuters has increased rapidly in recent years, making traffic conditions more contentious. When traffic conditions worsen combined with high outside temperatures, stop-and-go traffic can take a toll on your Audi’s cooling system. Here are 3 ways to prevent, and thereby resolve, cooling system issues in your Audi.

Check the coolant level

First, if you feel confident in basic automotive tasks, you can probably check your coolant level without the help of an automotive technician. In summer temperatures especially, this is critical for all drivers to do. Simply checking your coolant level before taking off to work in the morning can prevent you from having to call your boss and explain that you’re stuck on the side of the road. Furthermore, routine inspections and tune-ups can prevent cooling system issues such as overheating or radiator leaks; by having a trusted automotive specialist look over your Audi, you create an opportunity to prevent disasters or inconvenient breakdowns.

Check if the leak is coolant or water

Second, if you happen to notice a puddle beneath your car, this may not always be worrisome; in the summer our vehicles produce condensation to keep the interior of our car cool with the air conditioning system. Do not mistake the water from the condensation beneath your car as another important fluid that is leaking. If your car is leaking coolant you may notice that the liquid is an orange, pink, or greenish color—not black, brown, or clear. If your Audi is leaking coolant, you should take your car to a nearby automotive specialist who can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and quick solution to the problem—if you are a commuter, you will likely need to get your car back as soon as possible, so finding the right automotive shop is critical. Coolant leaks can be due to other more complex problems like radiator issues or water pump issues, so the sooner you get it diagnosed, the better.

Check warning light on dashboard

Third, keep your eyes on the dashboard (not literally—keep them on the road). One of the first indications that you have an issue with the cooling system is the display on the temperature gauge or a related warning light on your Audi’s dashboard. One would assume that if experiencing cooling system issues that the temperature gauge would read hot, or in the red zone; this is not true—problems with the cooling system can also cause the engine to read cold or in the blue zone. Furthermore, when the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) detects the issue, the computer alerts the driver via the check engine light. The check engine light must be read by a professional diagnostic tool, which determines what code the car’s computer is attempting to communicate to the driver. Reading these codes should be done by a professional technician; if you notice a warning light on your dashboard or that your temperature gauge is reading exceptionally hot or cold, you should bring your car to a trusted automotive shop immediately for diagnosis.

Take your car to an automotive specialist

Dell’s Service Center in Green Bay, WI is an alternative automotive service option that exceeds expectations of Audi dealerships; they provide the community with specialized European automotive repair at a far lower cost than competing dealerships. They have an outstanding reputation built on a uniquely friendly and informative approach to automotive customer service; Dell’s Service Center focuses on their client’s satisfaction above all else, and they have the expertise, prices, and attitude that every Audi owner craves. Stop by today to have cooling system issues, or any other concerns checked out.

Audi engine image credit goes to : ymgerman

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