The steering column is a critical component of your Volvo. Without it, you would be unable to turn your Volvo vehicle’s wheels. All cars have and use a collapsible steering column to allow cars to turn and provide a safer driving experience for the driver.

Steering columns are durable. However, there are instances where steering columns may fail while driving. A failing steering column is a hazardous situation. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if your steering column is having problems before it becomes a major problem, ending up in a tow to a service center for repairs. We have compiled a listing of steering column essentials and signs that your steering column may be having issues.

What You Should Know About Steering Columns

The primary purpose of a steering column is to transfer energy to the steering gearbox from your vehicle’s steering wheel. When the steering wheel is turned, the steering column rotates, moving the tires and allowing your car to turn. Steering columns typically have two interlocking shafts directly attached to the steering wheel and steering gearbox.

Beyond its primary purpose, a steering column helps adjust the default position of a steering wheel, allowing for the height and length of the wheel to adapt to a driver’s preferred comfort level. Many modern vehicles will also have their anti-theft device fitted onto the steering wheel column, as well.

Steering columns collapse during collisions. The primary reason for this is to prevent the column from impacting the driver during a crash. Because old cars did not initially have this feature, modern vehicles have added this feature for safety reasons.

Signs Of A Steering Column Failure

Knowing that your Volvo’s steering column is having an issue is an essential step to fixing your problem. If you see any of these symptoms while driving, do not delay taking your vehicle to a mechanic to have them look at your steering column for you.

  • Your wheel is frequently shaking and vibrating while driving. While a little bit of vibration is standard when accelerating, an excessive amount can indicate a more significant problem. In many cases, this is due to an issue with a worn steering column.
  • You hear noises while driving. Usually, these sounds happen along with the previously-mentioned vibrations, which will help you further determine a problem with your steering column.
  • Your steering wheel is not centered. While this could also be due to your vehicle’s wheels being misaligned or having low air pressure, the most common reason is a faulty steering column. Either way, this will be an issue you will want a technician to take a look at and repair if necessary. If you cannot control your wheels due to a steering problem, you should not drive your car.
  • Your car is leaking fluid from the underside. Leaking fluids can be a symptom of many different things, but it is never a good thing, as cars are designed to keep fluids inside compartments and hoses. Without the proper lubricants, metal parts rub together, causing heat friction and difficulty in movement.

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