Imagine driving your Land Rover on a rainy or snowy day only to discover that your sunroof is leaking and now your vehicle cabin is soaked. The sunroof in your Land Rover is designed to last for a long time. However, it may develop cracks and start leaking. Let’s take a closer look at the most common reasons for sunroof leakage.

Reasons for Sunroof Failure

  • Blocked drainage: The sunroof of your Land Rover utilizes a gutter which is located at its corners. This collects and retains water from the roof when it rains. The water retained in the roof is transferred to tubes, which then drains the water into smaller plastic drainage tubes found within your Land Rover’s body. More often than not, the drainage tubes become filled with dirt and debris. The specks of dirt might end up blocking the drainage, causing water to back up and the sunroof to leak.
  • Cracked or loosened rubber linings: The edges of the sunroof of your Land Rover are lined with a rubber seal. The rubber seal helps to prevent water from leaking into your car. However, due to natural wear and tear, the rubber linings might become cracked, split, or too loose and cause the sunroof to leak.
  • Faulty sunroof operator: Over time, if the sunroof is manually operated, the sunroof might get stuck as your car ages. When the sunroof becomes stuck, you might find it difficult to open or close it. If the sunroof is operated automatically, the operator switch might become faulty, also making it difficult for you to open or close it.

Common Signs Of Sunroof Leaks

When the sunroof of your Land Rover starts leaking, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Stuck Sunroof: The sunroof of your car functions to allow you to enjoy the sunshine and breeze. However, when it is closed, it protects you and your passengers from rain and the scorching sun. It was very easy to open and close the sunroof without obstruction when you first bought your Land Rover. However, the natural wear and tear of the sunroof affects the seamless operation of the sunroof, making it more difficult as the car ages. Whenever you notice that the sunroof is stuck, call the attention of a technician to have it fixed.
  • Air and water seeping in from the sunroof: Air and water seeping into your car is the most obvious sign of a leaking roof. The sound of air rushing in through the leaky sunroof can be heard when you are driving. Hence, you should call the attention of a Land Rover specialist when you notice a leaking sunroof.
  • Damaged interiors of your Land Rover: The interior of your car can become damaged from water seeping in from a leaky sunroof. It may leave your vehicle with a damp smell if the car is not properly aired and dried. It is even worse if the interior of your car is designed with leather. The leather will become cracked or it will develop a bad smell. In some extreme cases, you may notice mold spores, which may pose serious health concerns to you and your passengers.

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