BMWs can develop problems with the oil cooler gasket for a number of reasons. This piece is key in the process of cooling engine oil, which is essential to your car’s overall health. If you notice oil leaking from underneath your BMW, you may have a bad gasket. It is imperative that you immediately have your vehicle brought in for an expert diagnosis.

What is an oil cooler gasket?

A BMW’s oil cooler works similar to a radiator for your engine. The oil cooler is responsible for removing excess heat from the oil as it moves through the coils of the internal combustion engine. This part has two gaskets attached to it. One gasket is responsible for sealing the oil cooler adapter to the engine block while the other seals the oil filter to the adapter. The oil cooler only operates when the engine is running.

Oil cooler systems use the engine cooling system to remove heat from the oil. An adapter, which sits between the engine block and oil filter, is responsible for feeding oil to the coolers. Once inside the cooler, the radiator releases coolant. The coolant cools the oil by removing the heat from it. This essential process becomes impossible when the oil cooler gasket stops functioning as it should.

Signs your oil cooler gasket has gone bad

As with any malfunctioning part of a vehicle, there will be a few warning signs when things start to go wrong. The oil cooler is no different. A faulty gasket will produce a number of signs including those below:

  • You may notice a thick, black smoke coming from your exhaust. It is important to have this checked immediately as it is dangerous to the environment around you.
  • Your vehicle will exhibit a decrease in engine performance. You will likely feel poor acceleration and have a lower maximum speed.
  • Your engine may begin overheating. If this occurs, you will see the temperature gauge on the dashboard approaching the “H” mark.
  • Due to the excess stress and heat, you may notice a deformed radiator.
  • You may be able to see oil leaking, dripping, or puddled underneath your vehicle. This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your oil cooler gasket has gone bad.

You should never ignore warning signs of any malfunctioning part of your BMW. Ignoring these important symptoms can lead you to extremely time-consuming and costly repairs, rather than a quick and inexpensive fix, had you brought your vehicle to a professional auto shop sooner.

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