When it comes to cars as reliable and trustworthy as Volvo, periodic maintenance is important to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. There are a number of parts under the hood that work together, and it is important to keep each one of these parts functioning properly so that the entire vehicle can perform as designed.

There are warning systems in place that can alert you when something is not working properly on the vehicle, and all of the signs should be heeded. A no-oil pressure warning can be a serious issue depending on the cause, and any indicating light saying this is occurring should be a reason to take your car in as soon as you can.

Causes of a No-Oil Pressure Warning

Your vehicle needs the lubrication of oil to prevent friction, which causes extreme heat. If you receive a no-oil pressure warning, the causes range from serious to frivolous, but it is extremely difficult to tell on your own. Oil is a very important aspect of your vehicle, so if this light turns on, take your car to a professional right away.

Lack of Oil for the Engine

As mentioned, keeping your vehicle maintenance is imperative to its overall health. Having a lack of oil is a symptom of not enough care towards your car and every three to six months. Depending on the vehicle, you should take your vehicle in to get new oil. Some modern Volvos come with sensors where the driver can easily check the oil percentage and see if they need more. Take your vehicle in if this ever gets too low.

Overheating Engine

Over time, your engine will run into issues and may overheat. When this occurs, the oil in your Volvo may thin out and the pressure will not be able to build up. This has the same effect as putting the wrong oil in your vehicle, which can result in the no-oil pressure warning light.

Clogged Filter or Worn Pump

As far as the filter goes, it is incredibly important to the regulation of oil in the vehicle. If this filter becomes clogged, the pressure and flow of the oil can be compromised and result in the light turning on. Alternatively, if there is an issue with the pump under the hood, wider passageways may form and the rate of oil flow may drop and negatively impact pressure.

Faulty Gauge

This is more of an electrical issue that may arise in your Volvo, but if you are experiencing a faulty gauge then you may believe something is wrong with the oil. This problem can occur if the wiring on your vehicle is compromised or if it is simply old and worn out.

Heed the Warning

Regardless of the exact cause, the no-oil pressure light turning on is an indication to take your vehicle into the shop. Oil is crucial to the functionality of your engine and not providing the right amounts or type can have detrimental effects on your engine.

The lubrication system that keeps your engine functioning consists of a pump, oil filter, lubrication lines, and other pieces of hardware. Pressure within this system is generated as oil attempts to overcome the resistance in the lines and reach components. Any indication by a no-oil pressure light indicates that something is wrong in the system and this may mean your engine is not being lubricated.

This could potentially lead to an overheating engine or problems that are far worse. If you see low oil-pressure within your vehicle, take it to a mechanic right away.


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