While no doubt offering powerful design and a powerful driving experience to match, Jaguar’s past has been checkered with faults and flaws inherent to different models and their variants. In recent years, Jaguar has been taking great strides to expunge these past errors, and more recent offerings from the brand have shown promising technical improvements while still offering the high-octane driving experience and bold design they’re so synonymous with.

However, as a car represents such a complex system of parts and pieces, we all know that no vehicle is perfect, and with time and use, some of these issues will start to show. In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at the Jaguar XF and exploring some of the common problems you might face during your ownership.

A Little Bit of Background

The Jaguar XF is a model produced in its first run by Jaguar between the years 2007-2015 (XF250). Newer interpretations of this line are available (XF260), but as often it takes time for flaws to show, we’ll mainly be focusing on the traits inherent to the XF250 range.

The Jaguar XF250 series represents the brand’s spin on an executive or midsize luxury cars and replaced its predecessor, the Jaguar S-type.

Common Problems

Below are listed some of the most common problems that you might find start to occur with your XF250. While this is not an exhaustive list, as you may find issues unique to your vehicle, these are the most common noticed by drivers.

Wiper Woes

The Jaguar XF is known for running through window wiper blades much faster than comparable models on the market. It is easy to tell when the blades are no longer fit for purpose, as they will no longer correctly clean your windscreen, leaving smears or marks than can obscure your view. If you find this is the case, then you’ll need to replace the wipers. Luckily, however, this constitutes a simple and easy fix most drivers can do themselves.

An Unsatisfactory Suspension

Suspension issues are also fairly common with the XF250 series. Most commonly, problems such as a rougher ride or a banging or knocking noise when driving on uneven roads or bumpy surfaces are caused by the failure of the anti-roll bar bushes. As with the wipers, the only way to fix this problem should it occur is to replace the bushing entirely. Fortunately, the anti-roll bar bushes are relatively cheap to purchase. However, unlike the aforementioned wipers, the replacement of this part is far more tricky, and may require you to seek the help of a mechanic.

Gear Selector Gremlins

Issues with the gear selector are common for the earlier XF250 models. Constituting a far more tricky issue, if you encounter problems with the gear selector, then you will need to seek an entire replacement of the module. This is definitely a job usually best suited to a professional. Signs you may need to consider a replacement most commonly are a gear selector that is difficult to change or that sticks.

Alloy Anguish

Probably the worst case scenario for XF owners due to high replacement costs, if you find your alloy wheels are cracked, cracking, or worse, deformed, then you’ll need to seek replacement. However, it is unlikely this issue will be found on every wheel of the car, so, in order to save a good deal of money, inspect each wheel carefully to ensure you’re replacing only the defective wheels. You’ll also be relieved to hear that on the whole, a confident DIY driver can change out the alloys at home, saving on service fees.

Worth the Risk

While some of these problems might seem drastic, or even a deal breaker, it’s important to remember that not all drivers experience these, and if they do, it comes after years of amazing driving experiences. In short, these issues are small compared to the many amazing journeys an XF series Jaguar can take you on.

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* Jaguar XF image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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