Owning a luxury vehicle is a privilege that comes with many perks. Driving luxury imports like Jaguar brand vehicles require special time, attention, and dedication to maintaining their performance. Some choose to drive a Jaguar because of their high standards in use of technology, implementation of safety procedures, and the overall high quality driving experience. However, even the highest-quality vehicles like Jaguars experience performance issues from time to time—especially if they do not receive the ongoing care they require.

One common issue amongst Jaguar models is problems with the air suspension. A vehicle’s suspension is designed usually in one of two ways: with metal springs and shocks that utilize fluid for functioning, or with an air bag system and air compressor. Since recent Jaguar models typically utilize air suspension systems, it’s important to have a Jaguar automotive specialist perform diagnostics and repair work; they can assess suspension issues quickly and more accurately, as they are familiar with commonly-associated Jaguar air suspension issues drivers may experience. It also helps for Jaguar drivers to know a little bit about how their air suspension functions and signs and symptoms of malfunctioning. Here is a little more information on your Jaguar’s suspension and how to deal with potential air suspension failure.

How does air suspension work?

Air suspensions have become increasingly more popular in newer vehicles. Air suspension works similarly, yet differently as opposed to traditional suspensions. Traditional suspension components function with a system of metal springs and shocks that are filled with fluid which act to absorb the bumps in the road, take turns well, and other functions related to suspension. An air suspension works in relatively the same manner, except it utilizes an air compressor to fill air bags that support the chassis.

Air leaks

Air leaks are common causes of air suspension failure. Air suspensions are comprised of different fittings and rubber boots, both of which can be sites of air leakage if damaged or punctured somehow. It isn’t a surprise that air leakage should occur in a suspension that relies heavily on air compression, however there are other sources of air suspension failure that should be ruled out as well.

Compressor issues

The air compressor that your Jaguar’s air suspension relies heavily on can become faulty or damaged and can malfunction. Compressor issues are perhaps the most common source of air suspension failure. Typically the problem arises with the compressor’s motor, and symptoms can be witnessed by the driver that indicate motor failure specifically. If you notice any peculiar noises while driving, such as a grinding or whining noise, this may be an indication that your compressor is on its way out. If you notice that your Jaguar is riding especially lower than normal, it could be an issue with the compressor not pumping enough air into the air bags, or it could be due to an air leak issue.

The Importance of conducting a differential diagnosis

Having a qualified Jaguar specialist conduct your diagnostic, maintenance, and repair work when it comes to air suspension issues is critical—not every automotive technician is skilled in working with Jaguar vehicles, nor are their shops well-equipped to conduct such thorough diagnoses. It is essential to determine where the source of the problem is in order to properly fix the issue and keep it from occurring again. Ongoing maintenance and care of your Jaguar’s suspension is important as a preventive measure to ensure that your car doesn’t sustain any further damage from issues that can come up from time to time. Air bags, compressors, fittings, boots, and other suspension parts should be thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary.

The experts here at Dell’s Service Center in Green Bay, WI, primarily focus their attention on conducting thorough diagnostic procedures—after all, without accurate diagnoses the problem can remain and cause further damage to your Jaguar’s suspension. Our automotive specialists are familiar with the entire range of air suspension issues that can occur in Jaguar vehicles. For over 4 decades, Dell’s Service Center has provided dealership-alternative services for European imports like Jaguar in the areas of Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI. If you think your Jaguar needs an air suspension inspection or maintenance work, contact our shop directly—we can help restore your Jaguar to its optimal performance level.

Jaguar Xe image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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