An Unfortunate Scenario

You’ve finally purchased a brand new Audi, the car you have been eyeing and thinking about for years. Slipping behind the wheel you feel all the advances in comfort surrounding you and sit in awe of how much technology is packed into everything from the backup camera and sound system to the drive assist helping to keep you as safe as possible. However after a few weeks you begin to notice it already doesn’t accelerate the same way it did before. Whether it’s a soft gas pedal or an underperforming engine something just does not feel like you know it should. If you think that your Audi’s performance is simply not up to the standard of the brand then there is a good chance that something is actually wrong. While not too common, the following issues can occur and cause problems for new Audis.

Problems Can Always Arise

Although Audi has consistently been one of the most reliable manufacturers for years there is always the chance that an issue can occur early on. Whether it is a defect that it was made with that went overlooked or a one in a million problem that would never have happened before, it is important to always be prepared for anything.

  • Faulty seals/Leaks– One of the most common leaks in an Audi engine comes from valve covers or gasket seals. This causes oil to leak and hit the exhaust that results in it burning and creating an awful smell while you drive. If you just got your Audi and can already smell something unpleasant then the first place to look is here before any further damage can be caused to various components.
  • Clunking Sound When Turning– This is an unlikely occurrence in a brand new Audi but if you are buying a used one and notice this sound then it could be the CV Boot. Ignoring a previously needed repair often causes this and the noise you hear is a result of a dried out axle joint. If you start to notice this sound have your Audi checked and see if you can replace the CV Boot before it’s too late. Further repairs are extremely expensive when going to the dealership and can lead to negatively affected performance down the line as well.
  • Failed Dashboard Components– If you have only had your car for a short amount of time but there is already a light on the dashboard then there’s a good chance something was improperly installed or not checked. Any time there is a dashboard light on in your car it is cause for concern but in a new car it could mean anything from faulty wiring in a component to a failed part that was improperly tested. Having your vehicle checked as soon as any dashboard light turns on is an important step towards preserving your new car’s performance.


New Or Old Audi, Dell’s Has You Covered

For over 45 years drivers throughout Green Bay, WI have relied on the expert service from Dell’s Service Center. Experts in European-made vehicles including the full line of Audi cars, we understand the importance of quality service done the right way. We also understand the frustration that comes with purchasing a new Audi only to experience performance issues too soon after. That is why we work with you to find a solution that you can trust and that is within your budget. Typical visits to the dealership often result in expensive maintenance costs as well as repeat visits that still don’t improve the performance issues. At Dell’s Service Center your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our friendly staff is backed by years of experience and knowledge and we take pride in being able to answer any question you may have and in finding a solution no matter what the problem may be.

We back almost all of our parts and service with a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty so you can drive with confidence that the problem is actually taken care of. If you have a new Audi that is already acting up then don’t hesitate any longer and call the experts here at Dell’s Service Center. Drivers throughout Green Bay, Manitowoc and Sturgeon Bay have already seen what a difference our quality makes so give your Audi the service it needs when it needs it. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your Audi serviced with one of our specialists.

Audi Logo image credit goes to: DaveAlan.

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