The water pump is part of your Porsche’s coolant system, circulating coolant in the form of “antifreeze,” or water in a short-term necessity. This coolant cools extreme engine temperatures and keeps the engine running smoothly. In the worst case scenario of a water pump failure, your Porsche can run out of coolant, leading to complete engine failure. Let’s take a closer look at signs and symptoms of this problem so you can avoid the issue altogether.

Signs of Water Pump Failure

There are several obvious signs that your water pump is failing or is in need of replacement. Take a look at the symptoms below so you will know if you need to bring your Porsche to our team for immediate diagnosis of water pump failure:

Engine Temperature

If coolant is not circulating properly through your engine, your engine will overheat. If this happens, it can cause you to have to stop on the side of the road to let your Porsche cool down. It may be best to call for a tow at this point to avoid further engine damage. Abnormal heat levels will cause your dashboard warning lights to illuminate. If you have a steaming radiator, you will certainly know your water pump has failed and is in immediate need of repair.

Engine Noises

A damaged water pump can cause misalignment of the pulley and/or the bearings that help move coolant through the engine. These parts help to turn the water pump, so if the damage is bad enough to cause noticeable sounds coming from your engine, your car will most likely need a complete replacement of all the parts related to the water pump’s function.

No matter how unappealing that might sound, it’s better than the alternative if you wait too long to address this issue. You may then have to deal with catastrophic engine failure, very expensive repairs, and down time away from your Porsche.

Leaking Coolant

If you can see coolant dripping or pooling underneath your car, there’s a problem that needs immediate repair. You won’t necessarily know that it’s from a damaged water pump, but that’s for an experienced and trained mechanic to identify and address once you’ve had your car towed to a reputable shop for inspection.

Maintenance of the Water Pump

To keep your car in its best condition, you need to make sure that engine fluids are maintained at recommended levels. Coolant is responsible for maintaining a cool engine. At times, your car’s coolant can collect dirt from your engine’s activity. Your coolant should be kept clean in order to preserve your Porsche’s performance and health. When coolant becomes contaminated, that can result in a host of issues that will impact your water pump and cause it to fail.

Dirty coolant will cause coolant leaks, engine rust, corrosion, and a build of corrosive byproducts from the engine. All of these issues will build up and clog your water pump, which will cause it to break down.

In order to prevent this from happening, you need to flush and replace your car’s coolant regularly, so you can avoid water pump malfunction.

Poor Installation

Another cause of water pump failure is installation problems. The water pump’s job is to keep coolant properly flowing through the engine, hoses, and radiator. If the water pump wasn’t sealed correctly, there will be additional pressure from the serpentine belt that helps coolant keep moving.

The improper alignment between the water pump and the rest of the system will slow down the coolant flow, causing the engine to heat up, the serpentine belt to work hard to keep moving coolant, and pressure to build up and wear on the pump’s parts. If this happens, the water pump will fail.


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