Jaguar vehicles are unlike most vehicles in that they are some of the most efficient, high performing in the world. However, like all other average cars, Jaguars require ongoing maintenance and care in order to perform optimally and achieve those high performance standards they’re so well known for. One essential aspect of ongoing vehicle care for your Jaguar should include transmission maintenance, which includes changing the transmission fluid at the proper interval. Furthermore, the level of care for an automatic transmission differs from that of a manual – in this article, we’ll go over what it looks like when you need to change your Jaguar’s automatic transmission fluid.

What is transmission fluid?

Similar to engine oil, transmission fluid or oil is essential for keeping the various components of your Jaguar’s transmission moving smoothly without grinding or creating any excessive friction. Besides acting as a lubricant for all the moving pieces of your car’s transmission, this fluid also acts as an avenue for cooling the moving parts as well as helping to deliver power from the engine to the transmission components.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that an automatic transmission requires specific transmission fluid, and your Jaguar further requires a specific type of transmission fluid for optimal performance. It’s especially important to consult your owner’s manual for specific recommendations on what types of transmission fluid to use in your particular vehicle so that you don’t cause any damage to the system.

Why it’s important to stay on top of transmission fluid maintenance

Besides reducing friction in the transmission, creating a cooling effect, and helping to deliver power, transmission fluid is important to maintain for another reason: as the transmission fluid is exposed to high degrees of heat over time, it begins to break down and become less viscous, which highly reduces its efficiency for its intended purpose. Furthermore, as the fluid becomes less efficient, the components of the transmission become more exposed to friction, which causes tiny particles of metal shavings and other contaminants or debris to flow into the fluid, which can take a serious toll on the health of your Jaguar’s transmission.

How to know when to change the transmission fluid

The general rule of thumb is that you should at least have your transmission fluid checked out around the 30,000-mile mark. However, some cars are designed with long-lasting transmission fluid that might never require changing over the entire life of the vehicle. It’s important to approach auto maintenance always with a degree of skepticism – it’s best to be overly cautious than not cautious enough. When to change your transmission fluid will depend on a few factors:

  • Frequency of vehicle use – the more use, the more often you should check the transmission fluid
  • Conditions of vehicle use – frequent traffic, traveling long distances, or uphill
  • Driving habits – frequently abrupt stopping and acceleration

Some basic tips moving forward

It’s important to keep in mind that if you wait to check the transmission fluid until your car exhibits signs of transmission degradation or fluid contamination, you’ll likely run into expensive repairs and part replacements sooner rather than later. Keeping up with fluid maintenance is preventive and highly beneficial for your Jaguar’s ongoing health and consistent performance. Here are a few helpful tips to consider:

  • Hire a Jaguar specialist to attend to fluid inspections and flushes.
  • Consult your owner’s manual on the correct intervals to have transmission flushes and fluid replacements.
  • Consult your owner’s manual on what type of transmission fluid to use.
  • Keep in mind that the more frequently you use your car, the more likely it needs servicing earlier than anticipated.


The Jaguar specialists here at Dell’s Service Center have 46 years of business under their belts working with Jaguar drivers from the areas of Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI, making us the region’s go-to Jaguar specialists. Transmission care is a critical facet of ongoing auto maintenance – especially with high performance cars like Jaguars. We take pride in our work and provide consistent, reliable results to all of our clients. To learn more about our shop’s qualifications working with Jaguar vehicles, or to schedule a transmission fluid inspection, please call one of our specialists right away.

* Jaguar XE image credit goes to: trangiap.

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