BMW drivers know what amazing driving feels like: tight controls, quick responses, and seamless automation. These features all help BMW drivers to feel closer to the road than ever before. BMW owners need to ensure proper maintenance to retain this ultimate driving experience. Neglecting servicing and repair work can hamper a vehicle’s performance and handling of essential day to day tasks. One such part which needs good levels of care to function is your fuel injectors. In this article, we’ll be looking at the signs and symptoms that your BMW is crying out for servicing.

What are fuel injectors and what do they do?

Fuel injectors are designed to precisely inject fuel into the engine at a rate which will ensure optimal ignition when mixed with the air inside the engine system. The fuel injectors are both electronic and mechanical and are controlled by your BMW’s onboard computer (OBD). The OBD is able to tell the fuel injectors the right pressure and quantity of fuel to inject through interpretation airflow data from the MAF sensor. This interaction of systems helps ensure the right air-to-fuel ratio is achieved. Therefore, a perfectly-working injector is able to provide the engine with the fuel it needs at the correct spray pattern, angle, and pressure.

Signs and Symptoms your Injector Needs Servicing

The fuel injectors can become clogged over time, as they handle fuel which can have microscopic contaminants. They can also become dirty, which can affect the communication from the OBD. When this happens, your BMW will display several signs and symptoms that you should not ignore. Take your vehicle in for servicing if you noticed these:

1. Lean Misfires

Lean misfires will occur when the ratio of air and fuel in the engine is incorrect, which means the fuel is unable to be ignited steadily or successfully.  There are two reasons why lean misfires can occur: either the MAF sensor is malfunctioning or the fuel injectors have developed clogs or restrictions. These clogs and restrictions can cause the wrong amount of fuel to enter correctly, either too little or sudden surges. Therefore, if you’re experiencing lean misfires and have ruled out MAF problems, your next step should be to investigate the fuel injectors.

2. Engine Failure

Engine failure represents the worst case scenario that your BMW might face. This can be caused by fuel injectors that have failed and been neglected for too long. This is most common in sports vehicles or turbo-charged vehicles. When your BMW enters turbo, the fuel injectors have to inject as much fuel as possible to create that extra “oomph” that’s needed. However, if this fuel is lacking, then the engine can catastrophically misfire and become damaged.

3. Heat Soak

Heat soak is a phenomenon that occurs when you turn off your engine. It can be one of the leading causes of injector blockages. When the engine turns off, fuel is able to evaporate inside the injector nozzles, leaving behind deposits which over time can create blockages that will need servicing to fix.

4. Rough Idling/Lowered Performance

When the correct air-to-fuel ratio isn’t being achieved in your engine, then you shouldn’t expect it to run perfectly. Afterall, no one can achieve perfection without being given the right tools. Therefore, if you notice that your engine is lower in performance or idling roughly, seek servicing for your injectors from an experienced BMW mechanic.

5. Warning Lights

Severe problems caused by your fuel injectors can cause the check-engine light to illuminate. This light is controlled by your OBD, and when it detects an issue which is lowering the function of your engine, it will illuminate this light on your dashboard. This light can shine for many reasons and is usually because of a serious problem, so it is essential that you never ignore this light.


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