It may seem like just last month you replaced the tires on your Mercedes Benz yet you notice they are already beginning to wear out or look flat. Your tires are subjected to a lot of wear and tear over their lifespan and sometimes taking care of them just isn’t enough but that doesn’t mean that they should be showing obvious signs of wear and tear so quickly. Typically this means there is another issue somewhere that is causing them to wear out faster than they should. If your tires seem to be showing signs of wear faster than usual then these tips will help you find the cause and solution for the problem so that you don’t end up paying more for new tires.

Check Your Alignment

The number one cause of accelerated tire wear comes from a bad alignment. If your wheels are unaligned it will lead to a condition called tire scrub where the tire moves sideways while rotating. This results in excessive wear on one side of the tire or multiple tires and can also affect your steering wheel as well. Having your alignment checked regularly will help make sure that this doesn’t occur though sometimes frequently hitting curbs or other little bumps can throw the alignment off as well.

Check The Steering System For Worn Parts

Just about every part on your steering system can cause problems to your front tires if it is worn out or loose. If the wheels aren’t steady they can shake around and cause wear and scrubbing. It is extremely dangerous to drive with loose steering because if any part of the steering system brakes while you are driving you will lose control of the vehicle.

Rotate Your Tires

Your tire life will be improved greatly if you make sure to get them regularly rotated with the proper scheduled service. Rotating your tires allows them to wear out more evenly and can help auto technicians find loose or damaged parts that may be causing the accelerated wear and tear. It is recommended to do this when you are getting an oil change since your vehicle will already be lifted. For many tire companies a tire rotation is actually a part of the requirements for the warranty so should there be an issue with the tire they will likely look for proof of routine tire rotations before offering further assistance.

Change The Brand Of Tire You Use

If you continually run into issues using one brand of tire for your car then it may simply be time to try a different brand. Researching on the Internet can show you if any other drivers have had this issue with their tires and can be a good way to get recommendations for other, more durable brands. If your car has had regular tire rotations and there are no issues with any steering system components then switching brands may be the best option to see if the problem is fixed. Tires come in a wide variety of sizes and performance specs depending on the type of driving you are going to do. Different tires are equipped to face different situations so for example: if your tire tread is wearing quickly then consider switching to a tire with a higher tread wear rating. Consider also the areas you are driving through as new asphalt and wet and cool weather can lead to a sharp increase in wear and tear on your tires.

Your Alternative Mercedes’ Service Center

If you are experiencing issues with your Mercedes Benz and accelerated tire wear and tear then let the experts at Dells Service Center help you get the problem fixed. Our mechanics specialize in the service of European-made vehicles such as Mercedes and will make sure that we get to the root of the problem as quick as possible. Constantly worn out tires are not safe to drive on and not to mention expensive to continually replace so don’t let it lead to more problems down the road. Instead schedule an appointment at Dell’s Service Center and see why we are the number one dealership alternative for Mercedes Benz service throughout Green Bay, WI and the surrounding areas. Whether it is an alignment issue or something larger you can be sure that we will find the solution faster and at a fairer price than the competition. Call us today and make sure your Mercedes Benz gets the service it deserves.

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