Owning any vehicle can come with benefits and negatives, no matter which one you decide to call your own. Luxury cars, like the Mercedes, sometimes come with their own set of unique issues that need a professional to take a look at them. One issue that may show up with your Mercedes is a problem with the vacuum door locks.

These vacuum door locks were invented a long time ago and are still a part of the design of the Mercedes today. However, diagnosing and fixing this problem can be hard. When you suspect that this is the issue your car is facing, then you must bring the Mercedes into one of our specialized mechanics to help fix the problem and get your car ready to hit the road again.

Symptoms of Vacuum Door Lock Failure

When the vacuum door locks do not work well, they are likely to fail systematically. What this means is that it is unlikely that all of the doors in the car will be unable to lock all at the same time. It is more common that one door will begin to experience problems and then, after some time has passed, a second door and so on.

When the locks stop working on the Mercedes, it can be inconvenient, problematic, and not efficient. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a luxury brand like Mercedes in the first place. If the car owner starts to notice that one or more of the doors of their Mercedes is hard to lock, then the vacuum door locking system could be the part to blame.

Why does vacuum door lock failure happen?

There are a few components with the vacuum door look system that may begin to wear out or not work properly. Car owners should be vigilant of door locking issues because you must lock the doors of the Mercedes to stay safe. Some of the most common causes of the vacuum door lock not working includes

  • Leaking Actuators: Each door lock is operated using an actuator. When this part fails, the door will not be able to lock. Depending on the exact Mercedes model you drive, the actuators will work differently. This is why you may need to take your Mercedes in to one of our professionals to ensure that the actuator is properly fixed so you can lock the car when necessary.
  • Vacuum Pump Failure: Another issue with your vacuum door lock is that the vacuum pump starts to fail. The point is there to help suck in and blow out all the air that is meant to control the mechanism of the door locking. If the pump starts to fail, it will impair how well the doors can lock at all. Luckily, this is a simple thing for a qualified mechanic to find and fix so you can lock your doors again.
  • The System Starts to Age: Even with routine maintenance and regular repairs, it is possible that the vacuum door lock failure will happen simply because the system starts to get old. It is more common for an older model of Mercedes to run into some issues with different components of the car, including the vacuum door lock. When the parts start to get worn out, it is possible that the doors will no longer lock the way that you want.


As your car gets older, it is important to take it in to one of our qualified mechanics to get checked out. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the car is fixed before any major problems happen. Our mechanics will check out the vacuum door locks to see if any parts need replaced so you never get in a situation where the doors on your Mercedes do not lock for you.

At Dell’s Service Center, we are here to help with any maintenance and repair that your Mercedes needs. Our qualified mechanics are available for the residents of Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI and the surrounding communities with all your car repair needs. Contact us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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