When you purchase a stock vehicle, there may be a lot left to the imagination when it comes to customization. It can be frustrating when you realize that getting your car to the point you want it to be at will cost you a pretty penny. Finding automotive specialists who know how to upgrade your car’s level of performance without costing you an arm and a leg to do so is no easy feat, but it is most important to find someone you can trust who won’t gauge you with prices. Making your car the mean machine that you wish it were initially doesn’t have to be a disappointing process; in fact, a good auto mechanic will help you make the right choices each step of the way to creating your vision. Stock cars tend to have different levels of performance to begin with, so depending on your car you may not be in that bad of shape to begin with—and it all depends on how awesome you want your car to be. There are some easier ways to get a top-performing vehicle without breaking the bank; the idea is that moderation is key. Here are a few common ways that people tend to customize their cars.


Install a cold air intake system

One of the easiest ways to modify your car for better performance is to install a cold air intake system. When you first purchase a car, the air intake is not meant for better performance necessarily, but meant to keep the engine as quiet as possible; this is usually a huge selling point for individuals who hate that engine sound. When you install a cold air intake, it generally makes the car louder, but that’s not all it does. Usually when you put a custom air intake in, it increases the amount of air that can travel through your engine at any given time. Additionally, it keeps the engine cooler, making your engine have to work less for more power. Air intakes can significantly increase your horsepower and get you screaming down the highway in no time. This is one simple way to maximize power, and it isn’t too expensive either.

Alter the exhaust systems

Another typical way that car enthusiasts tend to customize their cars for better performance is to alter the exhaust systems. Because you have better air flow in with a cold air intake, you should also modify the airflow out. When you get a better-flowing exhaust system to match the air intake, you are ultimately altering the efficiency of the engine. Exhaust systems that are larger in diameter allow more air to travel outward and make the air intake function at a much better level. Modifying the exhaust system does not have to be an all-out expenditure, and can be done in stages. However, if you want maximum power and have the funds to do it, it is usually recommended to replace the entire exhaust system. This way you will get the most bang for your buck. Exhaust systems come in a wide range of designs, and depending on the vehicle you have, you should first consider what the best option is for your particular car.

Purchase high performance tires

Another simple, but more costly way to customize your car’s functionality is to look into purchasing high performance tires. Tires are generally not very cheap if you want good ones, and performance tires do not disappoint. When you have better tires, you have better traction on the road, and you can feel the difference in contact. Performance tires may have a larger surface area, allowing the car to grip better to the road; this alters the way the car moves significantly. Furthermore, if it’s raining outside, you don’t have to compromise the car’s power for conditions; while it’s important to be safe, you still likely want to enjoy the drive. Whatever you decide when it comes to customizing your car, it is especially important that you first look into pricing options in various places. You can generally order parts yourself and pay only for labor, however, there are reputable mechanic shops that want your business and will do what it takes to get you the parts you want for a lower price.

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