Volkswagen timing chains are made to last long-term, and most of them hold up for 120,000 miles or more. So, when you experience signs of a bad timing chain, they may be hard to detect. After all, this problem is one that you may least expect.

While a bad timing chain can be difficult to spot, there are a few key indicators that your Volkswagen’s timing chain may be the cause of your problems. Let’s take a look at what the top three indications of a bad Volkswagen timing chain are, how you can identify them, and how an automotive service technician might respond when they occur.

How to Identify a Bad Timing Chain in Your Volkswagen

There are more than three ways you can identify a bad Volkswagen timing chain, but there are just a few that stick out to us the most. These are methods a trained service technician would use to evaluate whether your Volkswagen’s timing chain is bad or not.

  1. Frequent Engine Misfires: Over time, a timing chain can stretch and become lax, which can make your vehicle skip a gear from a lack of coordination. If your Volkswagen is misfiring over and over again, this can be a sign of a timing chain problem. This occurrence should be inspected and evaluated by a trained and experienced automotive service technician.
  2. A Recurring Rattling Sound: Vehicles make all kinds of weird sounds, so it can be hard to connect a bad timing chain with rattling. However, a worn-out and loose timing chain can generate this sound when your Volkswagen is idling. Worst case scenario, your VW’s timing chain may have broken and sent loose parts into the engine, which would also result in a rattling sound.
  3. Metal Shavings in the Oil: Finding metal shavings in your oil is a huge concern, as it shows something has broken down or is creating debris that is moving through your vehicle’s powertrain. When a timing chain wears down and begins to disintegrate, pieces of this part can pass through the oil in your vehicle.

What do you do when you suspect a timing chain problem in your Volkswagen?

You may not know exactly what is wrong with your Volkswagen, but if you experience any of these issues it is best to take it into a service center to have it checked out. Sometimes your timing chain can just be replaced, which is the best-case scenario.

Other times, the resolution may not be as easy. A trained technician can look into your VW’s rattling sound or search for metal shavings in the oil, as they are top indicators of a bad timing chain. They will lead the way and provide advice on where to go from there.

Get Help For Your Volkswagen’s Bad Timing Chain at Dell’s Service Center

Some jobs are best left for the professionals, and a bad timing chain on a Volkswagen is one of these circumstances. At Dell’s Service Center, we have plenty of experience in dealing with this common Volkswagen problem and can create a quick plan of action to get you and your VW back on the road.


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