The Volkswagen brand is known for its reliability, safety, and style. A very popular brand in Europe, they have been slightly less successful in the United States. As a result, there are fewer dealerships in the United States, less expertise, and more difficulty finding parts and knowledge when something on the Volkswagen goes wrong.

That being said, these cars are still a popular buy, especially for the middle-class family looking for a reliable but sporty car. Many people buy cars based on brand loyalty or preference, combined with their needs or wishes for special features, options, color, or other items. With the amount of money that you spend buying a car, it’s important to make sure that you get the car that you want with the features that you need. However, it’s also important to perform the maintenance required and to take the car to the shop when necessary in order to maintain the longevity of the car and minimize any long-term costs. Even if a Volkswagen doesn’t break often, it’s not impossible, and you should deal with the problem immediately to reduce long-term problems.

What is the window regulator?

The window regulator is a part of a Volkswagen that is known to be more problematic. As cars have become more technologically adept, the hand-rolling windows of many people’s youth have been removed and replaced by the fancier electronic window. In older cars, the windows that could be cranked up were mechanical in nature, and therefore a different type of fix. You were literally pulling or pushing the window up or down as you turned the handle.

Electric windows have many benefits–you only have to press one button and you can roll up or down other windows in the car from one seat. However, you also run the risk of an electronic failure that prevents the window from moving. While not a catastrophe, it can become extremely irritating and inconvenient, especially during cold months. Essentially, the window regulator is the mechanism that controls the upward and downward movement of the windows in your car.

How do I maintain the regulator?

The regulator is an interior piece, so there isn’t much maintenance to be done to the part itself. However, being smart about how you use your windows can help it to last longer.

For example, don’t try to raise and lower your window when it is iced over or something is holding the window still, making the regulator work harder than necessary. You should also try to avoid raising and lowering the window in cold weather, as the motor struggles more when it is cold. This is a part that will eventually succumb to wear and tear, so in general, try not to fiddle with the window buttons or lower the window more than necessary.

How will I know it’s not working?

There are multiple ways that the electronic regulator can stop working. The most obvious is when you press the power button and the window doesn’t move. While it may be a problem with the button, it’s most likely an issue with the regulator. Another possibility is noticeable when you press the power button and the window rolls up slowly or jerkingly. Often, this is because the window is stuck, or is misaligned from its track.

Another symptom of a broken window regulator is any sort of weird sound coming from the window. This may be a clicking or a grinding sound, and signifies problems with the window regulator motor. Lastly, if it rolls up too slowly or too quickly, compared to normal, than it’s likely an issue with the regulator.


What should you do?

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