When it comes to sports cars and high-performance vehicles, many of us would name Jaguar as our dream car. This is because Jaguar offers powerful driving and tight handling in a body that wouldn’t be out of place in a James Bond movie. If you’re already living this dream, then you are already experiencing the great innovations and advancements of the Jaguar. However, with each added innovation, there is a small price to pay. Mechanical parts will need also need proper maintenance, repair, and replacement. Your Jaguar’s ABS accumulator is one of these important components which needs immediate service in the care of failure.

The Importance of the ABS Accumulator

The ABS accumulator is a device which is designed to store and accumulate hydraulic pressure with the aim of reapplying and releasing the pressure on demand. This allows for a much smoother and safer braking. The pressure that the ABS accumulator collects is usually gained from the electric pump found within the braking system and is most commonly nitrogen gas. The gas is kept separate from the hydraulic fluid by a rubber diaphragm which depresses when pressure builds up inside the accumulator.

Your Jaguar’s ABS accumulator is also an essential safety system. It gives the brakes access to a constant and immediate pressure supply without needing to engage the electric pump. In times of hard braking such as when driving on wet or icy roads, the electric pump can sometimes fall short of supplying pressure, but the ABS accumulator is able to make sure this doesn’t affect the performance or safety of the breaks. Ultimately, this means that should you need to slam on your brakes in an emergency situation, your ABS accumulator will have you covered.

Common Causes ABS Accumulator Failure

There are a few causes for accumulator failure, but the most common is a faulty diaphragm. As we mentioned, this component helps keep the hydraulic fluid and nitrogen gas separate, which helps the ABS function, helping to store the pressure. Without this working correctly, you can expect a drop in ABS performance.

The diaphragm tends to fail with time and use, as the rubber material will wear and break down over time. As the diaphragm keeps the hydraulic fluid out of the accumulator, when it fails, it can allow this fluid to leak, which will cause the accumulator to struggle to store pressure.

The second leading cause of ABS accumulator issues is low pressure on the nitrogen side of the diaphragm. The nitrogen is what the ABS compresses to create resultant pressure upon the hydraulic fluid. When low pressure is created by the gas, low pressure will also be created within the hydraulic fluid, leaving you without the necessary immediate response.

Identifying ABS Accumulator Failure

A failing ABS accumulator will be easy to notice due to the side effects it causes in your Jaguar. All drivers know the importance of a healthy braking system, but when the ABS develops faults, your car becomes a safety risk and isn’t roadworthy. This is because the ABS will directly impact the responsiveness of your brakes, meaning your Jaguar becomes dangerous to you and to others.

When everything is working perfectly and you apply pressure to the brake pedal, you will notice a firm resistance as the pressure is released. When the ABS accumulator is failing, however, you will notice the pressure is quickly released with little resistance. This can create a terrifying situation for drivers, as you will feel as though you are out of control and your vehicle will likely start to skid. Understandably, this is a nightmare scenario for all drivers.


Dell’s Service Center for ABS Accumulator Failure

To deal with ABS failure, you need to visit a Jaguar specialist auto repair shop immediately for diagnostic work and repairs. When the ABS fails, your car isn’t safe to drive, so repair of the issue is your only option. If you are a resident of Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI, look no further than Dell’s Service Center. We are a five-star service center and pride ourselves on the affordable, expert repair and service of your Jaguar. You will drive away with complete confidence and peace of mind every time you service your vehicle at Dell’s.

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