Car owners modify their vehicles for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for better handling and speed while others want to upgrade the look to make it more luxurious or sportier. If you’re considering customizing your vehicle, you will want to make sure you are adding value to your vehicle with the upgrades you choose to make.

Improved Performance

If you’re looking to enhance the performance of your car, there are a few things that will help refresh the feel of your car while still adding value to your car.

New Tires

Don’t skimp on tires. Buy a quality set of tires that are the right size for your car. The car needs a good grip on the road if you want to see any improvements in handling in the areas of speed and maneuverability.

Spark Plugs

New, high quality set of spark plugs can lead to more power and better fuel economy.

Replace Rubber Bushings

Your car was equipped with rubber bushings through the frame, chassis and suspension. Like anything else, these can wear out overtime. Replacing them would help revive the vehicle of your ride and absorb some of the vibrations you feel on the road leading to a much smoother, quieter ride.

Replace Brake Pads & Calipers

Maintaining your brake pads is something that should be taken seriously for your safety, so hopefully this is already a high priority for you. However, you may have never considered the benefits of replacing your brake calipers as well. Worn out or damaged calipers can cause friction, heat and annoying sounds. Replacing the calipers can help reduce those unpleasant side effects as well as prevent future issues with your brake pads. If the calipers are worn out or rusted they can cause the brake pads to wear unevenly which besides being dangerous can lead to costly replacements on a more frequent basis.

More Style

Now that you’ve got your car running like new, you may be feeling like a makeover is needed to make the outside match the inside. Some of the most common customizations that add value to your vehicle include:

Adding a Spoiler

A spoiler could actually be considered a customization to improve performance because they do. They improve traction, fuel efficiency and actually also improve the safety of the vehicle as they improve visibility of your vehicle to cars approaching you from behind. That being said, they also just make your car look sporty and can improve the overall look of the vehicle which adds value if you plan to sell.

Paint Job

The small scratches and dents that occur from day-to-day can lead to a dull, dated look. Fortunately a professional paint job can refresh the look of your car leading to a greater resale value as well adding to its performance.

Upgrade seating

Our car seats handle a lot of wear and tear and can start to look faded, stained or torn up. With the seats being one of the first thing a potential buyer sees when they enter a vehicle, it can be a good investment to consider upgrading if you plan to sell.

Wheel Covers

This may seem like a frivolous upgrade, but quality wheel covers can actually help protect your tires from mud, grime and wear on the road and are also said to decrease wind resistance leading to a smoother ride. Their most significant value though seems to lie in the improved, polished appearance they give to any car, which can lead to a greater sale price.

Insurance Coverage

Accidents happen. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of reaching out to your insurance company after a fender bender, it is important for you to know in advance that you will need additional insurance to cover certain modifications. Each insurer has a different policy with some considering a vehicle “modified” only if the chassis, body and/or frame have been structurally modified, or if the performance has been significantly enhanced or if a custom paint job costs several thousands of dollars.

Supplemental coverage can be purchased to cover up to appx $4,000 of damage to modified or aftermarket parts. This may lead to an increase in your premiums of about 10%. Contact your insurance agent before making any modifications. If your car is damaged in an accident you would only be reimbursed for the value of the original state of the vehicle. Even worse, your insurer could deny your claim if you aren’t forthcoming about modifications to your vehicle, which would leave you responsible for paying all expenses out of pocket.

Talk to Your Mechanic

In addition to reaching out to your insurance company, count on your local mechanic to guide you to the right modifications for your vehicle. They can help guide you to make the upgrades that will most benefit you both while you own the car and when you decide to sell.

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