Premium gas was created to improve the performance of automobiles by having a high compression ratio. Since the pistons in these vehicles reach deeper into the cylinders, utilizing higher octane gasoline can improve overall performance and economy. The octane value indicates how much gasoline may be squeezed before igniting.

It is possible for gasoline to knock when it ignites due to compression rather than spark plugs. Knocking your engine might really harm it. To minimize knocking and engine damage, use the proper octane level if your vehicle has a higher compression ratio. The octane rating of regular unleaded gasoline is 87. Premium gasoline has an octane rating of 92 to 93.

Octane Rating

Octane rating refers to the potential of high octane gasoline to withstand engine knock, which is the pinging or rattling sound that occurs when compressed fuel is ignited prematurely in one or more cylinders. The Research Octane Number (RON) is the most recognized octane rating in the world.

The majority of motorists are recommended to use normal octane gasoline. To find out which gasoline your vehicle should use, see the owner’s handbook. To avoid knocking, use either mid-grade or premium octane gasoline if your BMW has a high-compression engine, such as those used in some high-performance automobiles.

Listening to your engine may frequently tell you if you’re utilizing the correct octane level. If it doesn’t knock, you’re using the proper fuel grade.

Benefits of Using High Octane Fuel

  • Increased Engine Health: Carbon deposits accumulate in your cylinders over time.. This is especially visible in older automobiles. When this happens, switching to premium fuel might help the engine’s combustion parts last longer.
  • Reduces engine knock: Premium fuel can assist to reduce engine knock. When your piston enters the cylinder, it compresses air and fuel, which the spark plug ignites. When the gasoline is ignited without the aid of the spark plug, a knock ensues. Because an uncontrolled explosion might do serious harm to your car, it is strongly advised that you use a higher octane fuel.
  • Increases fuel economy: Premium gas helps cars with a greater compression ratio to achieve their maximum gas mileage While premium gasoline is more expensive, switching to regular in a vehicle that requires premium will result in a decrease in fuel efficiency. Because your car is burning through more gasoline than normal, this might wind up costing you more in the long run.
  • Optimizes power: Your BMW is equipped with a premium gas engine. This higher octane fuel will enable you to achieve your target horsepower, allowing you to see the vehicle’s full potential. Switching to ordinary gas, on the other hand, will result in a performance reduction. You won’t be able to attain the original horsepower with this switch. The car will perform, but it will be a touch slow in comparison to what it can accomplish on premium gasoline.
  • Cleans the engine: You might not know it, but 91+ octane fuel has a lot of useful additives that are beneficial to your engine. This fuel contains a cleaning component that is particularly intended to keep carbon from accumulating within your engine. The cleaning product will also assist in the removal of any existing carbon found in your engine system. This might result in your engine operating at maximum efficiency for a lengthy period of time. It can save you money by preventing the need for engine repairs that a filthy engine might bring.


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