Jaguars are distinguished for their luxury, not just in design and engineering but also in effectiveness and convenience. Your Jaguar is built to be as efficient as possible, which is why air suspension is utilized to improve its operation and performance. Air suspensions have certain flaws and glitches. Like all machines, your Jaguar is prone to component failure and malfunction, and the air suspension components are no exception.

This article will provide you with basic information about your Jaguar’s air suspension, common signs of air suspension failure, causes of suspension failure, and how to handle the situation effectively.

Your Jaguar’s Air Suspension

Air suspension systems replace your Jaguar’s coil springs with air springs. The air suspension is powered by an electric or engine-driven air pump or compressor which pumps the air into a flexible bellow, usually made from textile-reinforced rubber.

The two key components that determine the suspension’s efficiency and performance are the air compressor and the airbags or air springs. Jaguar suspension problems result from a failure of one of these components.

These parts can wear out and become less effective over time, requiring servicing, inspections, and regular maintenance to keep them working effectively.

Signs of Suspension Failure in Your Jaguar

The signs of air suspension failure in your Jaguar are often the same. Keep an eye out for the following signs of air suspension failure you may experience in your Jaguar:

  • Changes in Vehicle Performance: Jaguars are built to surpass a wide range of cars on the road, even in terms of suspension performance. Your Jaguar’s air suspension may be failing if you notice that the vehicle is not performing as usual, primarily through turns and while driving through bumps.
  • Compressor Continues to Run: When one of the airbags leaks, the air compressor may continue unnecessarily after the car is off, resulting in a faint, continuous sound. If your compressor keeps running, it is usually because your airbag is leaking, but it can also be a mechanical issue. It is advisable to get your airbags inspected for holes by a professional first. If there is a leak, the airbag should be replaced. Otherwise, the compressor should be changed if the airbag is in good condition.
  • Low-Riding Air Suspension: Your Jaguar’s air suspension is always active and keeps the car adequately lifted from the ground. Your car will appear to be lower to the ground than usual if the airbags are not adequately filled probably due to a failed compressor.

Causes of Air Suspension Failure in your Jaguar

It is crucial to figure out why your air suspension is malfunctioning so that you can fix it. The most common causes of Jaguar air suspension failure are:

Leaking Airbags

One of the leading causes of air suspension failure in your Jaguar is leaking airbags. You may have an air leak if you notice one side of your car is lower than the other. It is best to consult a Jaguar specialist in this case before the suspension is further damaged.

Faulty Air Compressor

Your Jaguar’s compressor is powered by a motor that pumps air into the airbags, filling them and keeping the car elevated. If the air compressor fails, the airbags will not be able to inflate fully.

To restore the functionality of your air suspension, you will need a competent mechanic to determine if the compressor’s wiring is defective or its components are clogged.

Clogged Valve

A compressor with excessive pressure will block your Jaguar’s valve, allowing air to seep back into the compressor and reducing suspension tightness. A trained mechanic can determine if this is the source of your air suspension problems.

Dell’s Service Center Will Fix Air Suspension Failures

Employing a Jaguar expert to do your repairs and maintenance is a crucial first step. It ensures the highest level of care for your vehicle, prolongs its lifespan, preserves its value, and improves your driving experience.


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