The modern car transmission is a mechanical wonder. It is that part of the automobile upon which everything else seems to depend. It also happens to be the most expensive part to repair when things go wrong. Problems do arise, and you have to be aware of this. Particular problems can surface in the transmission which you had best not ignore, unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

Check transmission status

If you begin to notice a little puddle of red fluid underneath your car, it is a sign that things are not good at all. Transmission fluid is red. The puddle is a sign that your transmission is leaking fluid that can lead to the transmission breaking down. If you notice a burning odor this will signal the transmission fluid is going bad. You cannot ignore this, and a transmission fluid change is needed as soon as possible. You can check on the status of transmission by looking at the dipstick. The inspection lets you know if there is enough. You also observe the color of the transmission fluid. If it looks to be brown, then trouble is developing.

Unwanted gear change, a serious safety issue

The transmission of most modern cars is now automatic instead of manual. It means that you do not have to spend a lot of time shifting gears. However, if your vehicle changes gear for no apparent reason, the transmission is starting to have some problems. It is a serious safety issue because you don’t want sudden gear changes occurring on the highway. The hesitation occurs when the automatic transmission is shifted into park or stop and warns of some glitches developing with the transmission.

Transmissions are more than just metal pieces. Computers are now a part of any modern car, and there are sensors which feed information into the car’s computer. Some of the problems with gear shifting may originate in the sensors. You need to tell the auto mechanic that it is possible these sensors may be having a problem.

Ways to detect car issues

Your car is going to be telling you if there are issues. Noises that you ordinarily do not hear may be coming from the transmission. You cannot ignore this at all. Another warning signal your car will give you comes from the dashboard. The check engine light is a canary in the coal mine; it indicates engine problems. The transmission may be what is causing the light to go off, and an inspection of the transmission is in order.

Don’t ignore transmission issues

The reasons you cannot ignore the possibility of transmission issues involve safety and money. Transmission malfunctions on the road can lead to rather serious accidents, which can be fatal. The cost factor of repairing a transmission is enormous, to put it mildly. If the transmission needs to be rebuilt the cost will be in the thousands of dollars. A new transmission will also put a dent in the checkbook. All of this is avoidable if you practice due diligence.

Don’t think of D-I-Y

Older cars are going to develop problems, and the sounds you hear are warnings. The difficulty with switching to park or drive are not the result of inclement weather or moisture. The color of any puddle forming under the car, particularly after you drive it, requires checking. Working on a transmission is not a legitimate do-it-yourself project. Special equipment is needed to do the job right. Additionally, you have to have a working knowledge of modern transmissions. You are not driving your father’s car, and the interior is highly computerized. If you make mistakes, you will pay for them, and you have to avoid those expenses.

Proper maintenance can increase transmission life

A schedule of routine maintenance can catch a problem in the beginning. If there is a reputable auto service center close by, an appointment is not that difficult to arrange. The mechanics have the diagnostic equipment necessary to detect any difficulties arising from the transmission. Their opinion has to be taken quite seriously, and any recommended repairs ought to be approved. Granted, the cost may be as much as a few hundred dollars, but it will prevent much larger expenses later on. Keeping a lookout for any transmission issues is what a sensible car owner is going to do, and it pays serious benefits. Transmissions can last the life of the car itself if it receives proper maintenance.

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