Every vehicle is equipped with an exhaust system. Over time, your Saab’s exhaust system may experience several problems leading to excessive noise. This group of components is extremely important in protecting your vehicle’s fuel economy, the environment, and most importantly you. It is designed and manufactured to carry toxic gases away that are made during the normal engine combustion process.

Let’s take a closer look at the components of your exhaust system:

  • Manifold: The manifold within your exhaust system is designed to collect exhaust gases from each cylinder and carry them to one common outlet so that they do not back up within your vehicle.
  • Flex pipe: The flex pipe is important as it allows for normal engine movement.
  • Catalytic converters: Catalytic converters within the exhaust system convert toxic engine emissions into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Oxygen sensors: Oxygen sensors detect the level of oxygen within the exhaust and send these readings to the ECM to regulate the air/fuel mixture of the engine.
  • Gaskets and clamps: The gaskets and clamps within the exhaust system serve as seals throughout reducing the number of leaks.
  • Muffler: The muffler quiets the sound of the engine as emissions are leaving through the exhaust system.

Causes of an Excessively-Noisy Exhaust System

An unmodified exhaust system in a Saab is relatively quiet. When drivers begin to hear excessive noise from the exhaust components, this should alert you to an arising problem that should not be ignored. Below are common things to be on the lookout for and to understand to detect an issue early on before irreversible damage is done.

Exhaust noise coming from near the engine often results from a bad gasket or loose flex pipe. It could also be the result of a cracked or damaged manifold, which is a much more serious problem for your car. When this occurs, it is often the result of an exhaust leak at the engine itself.

Excessive noise coming from underneath or near the center of your Saab may be the result of a hole in the exhaust pipe of the exhaust system itself. This is a relatively easy fix, as the hole can either be welded shut or the piping itself can be replaced in sections. This also may be the result of a loose connection or bad seal at the catalytic converter, which is also a relatively inexpensive fix. These signs indicate an exhaust leak near the middle of the vehicle.

Excessive noise coming from the rear of the vehicle, specifically from the muffler, is often the result of a bad seal at the muffler. It may also be caused by excessive rust or wear of the muffler. Replacing this part is relatively cheap and easy for a professional. An exhaust leak at the rear of the vehicle is the cause of an excessively noisy muffler.

Backfiring is often mistaken as a problem within the exhaust system. It is important to know that if your vehicle begins backfiring, this is not an exhaust problem but a problem in the engine tuning. This will need professional care with a diagnostic check to determine the exact problem for an accurate repair.


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