You count on your car to get you wherever you need to be and to make sure you’re safe and comfortable while doing so. For BMW drivers this is especially true as comfort and safety are two hallmarks of the brand that has helped separate it from the competition for decades. Most BMW owners know that the service schedule for their car is specifically designed for their model to help ensure perfect performance all year round. What happens however when you begin to notice an unusual sound that your car is making? Whether it just suddenly began occurring or has happened before but never quite so loudly, it is important that you know what sounds indicate what issues so you can get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Heavy Clunking While Braking

There are a few reasons you may notice this sound whenever you press the brakes and they all require pretty immediate service.

  • Worn out components in your steering system
  • A brake caliper that is not mounted properly
  • Brake hardware that is either damaged or missing completely

Your brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle and should always be serviced as scheduled. If you begin to hear any clunking while you are braking then be sure to see your mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damages from occurring.

Squealing Brakes When You Stop

Different from the clunking there are other sounds that can indicate brake troubles. Most common is the high-pitched squealing that many hear when they come to a stop. While not as severe as the heavy clunking it is still important that you don’t ignore the sound as it usually means one or more of the following issues:

  • Dirty brake rotors, drums or brake pads that are impacting function
  • Worn out brake pads or shoes
  • The brake pads were overheating and glazed over

Popping Coming From The Engine

This sound may be accompanied by hesitation from the engine when starting/driving and there are a wide variety of issues that can cause this sound.

  • Dirty air filters
  • Old or worn out spark plugs
  • Ignition issues
  • A clog in the fuel filter
  • Water mixed in with your gasoline
  • A clog in your catalytic converter

With such a wide variety of potential causes and severity make sure to seek out your reliable mechanic as soon as possible. This way you can rest assured that the problem is caught early regardless of how serious it may be.

Knocking From Under The Hood

This noise may sound more severe than it actually is but is worth recognizing if only to avoid panic if you begin to hear it on the road. The most common cause of this sound is a clogged air filter but it can also be caused by using gasoline with a lower octane rating than your BMW engine needs. Less likely but it can also be a tune-up issue from your last visit to the mechanic or a timing set that was done improperly so be sure to have every potential cause checked by your mechanic.

Engine Makes A Clicking Noise While Idling

Any noise coming from the engine is usually a cause for concern but when you hear a clicking noise it is important to get it checked immediately. Typically a clicking noise indicates either:

  • Your engine is low on oil
  • Your engine’s oil pressure is low
  • Valves need to be adjusted

Any issues with oil in your engine should be addressed immediately as a drop in oil pressure may lead to damages throughout the engine if left for any amount of time.

Avoiding Issues For Your BMW

Even if you follow the maintenance plan strictly there are still unfortunately instances where something unexpected occurs. In the event of an unexpected or weird sound bring your vehicle to the experts at Dells Service Center. For years we have been Green Bay’s dealership alternative for all things service and maintenance for BMW and other European-made cars. Our attention to detail and experience will not only make sure the correct cause is diagnosed but that the issue is completely taken care of the first time. We believe that maintaining your vehicle shouldn’t break the bank and that is why we work with you to find a cost-effective solution that fits your budget and fixes any issue your car may be experiencing.

Ignoring any unusual sounds is a risky choice to make so instead give the experts at Dells Service Center a call today. Our commitment to your satisfaction will have your car feeling (and sounding) as good as new.

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