BMW is known among drivers as one of the smoothest, safest luxury cars available across the world. With a reputation for innovation and a refusal to rest on laurels they continually strive to infuse more technology, creature comforts and functionality into their vehicles. Their emphasis on a smooth ride each time you sit behind the wheel means that your vehicle’s suspension is one of the most important aspects of your BMW. If you are experiencing suspension issues with your BMW you should seek out a BMW certified mechanic immediately to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. These are just a few of the most common reasons for suspension issues occurring in your BMW.

Causes of a Suspension Collapse

A collapse of the springs in your vehicle is a very rare occurrence but damage can slowly accrue on your car for a variety of reasons.

  • Overloading your car– Any spring that is substantially overloaded can break but it does require a hugely excessive overload. If you continually drive with an over packed car then your suspension will begin to show signs of issue over time.
  • Bumps– Driving hard over speed bumps is another problem that can cause suspension problems over prolonged instances. While it would take quite a bump to cause a spring to suddenly break it is possible to speed the deterioration of your springs by constantly hitting bumps or potholes.
  • Rust– With almost all springs being made of steel it is only a matter of time before they begin to rust. As corrosion builds up and weakens the springs they become much more likely to collapse on you while driving.

Insignificant Accidents and Other Signs

Even the slightest incident can sometimes alter the suspension of your BMW. These inconsequential bumps may not seem like much in the moment but can lead to problems with your suspension down the line.

  • Curb bumps– Almost everyone has hit a curb in their time and while it has little impact once or twice, if you continually hit the curb or drive over the curb it can alter your suspension drastically. You may notice your car pulling to a side when driving or bumps may feel far more severe and steep than usual and those are both clear signs that your suspension is damaged.
  • Worn out shocksShock absorbers work to minimize the oscillation of your springs and keep your car more stable when driving over bumpy roads. If your car didn’t have shocks it would wobble and bump along even the smoothest road. If your car begins to handle rough and is bumpier than usual then it is likely your shocks are worn out and affecting the suspension. Have your car looked at by professionals to determine the health of your shock absorbers and when they may need to be changed.
  • Damage to the Roll Bar– The roll bar is there to connect the suspension together and to keep your wheels on the ground. Damages to the roll bar can have drastic shifts on your vehicle’s suspension and can lead to poor handling, unresponsive turning and your car feeling more like it is floating.


Keeping Your BMW Taken Care Of

At even the slightest sign of an issue with your suspension the experts at Dells Service Center are here for you and your car. For the last 46 years we have serviced European-made vehicles such as BMW for drivers from the Green Bay, Manitowoc and Sturgeon Bay, WI areas. Our specialists understand the impact that your suspension has on your car’s look, feel and safety and we our confident that we can find and repair any suspension damage faster than the competition. We also understand that it can be tough to entrust your car with a mechanic as we have heard horror stories about cars that never quite felt the same after improper service. That is why we approach every car we service as if it were our own, with the proper time, care and attention paid to it no matter how big or small the problem actually is. If your BMW is experiencing any of the above suspension issues or it feels different than usual while you are driving then don’t hesitate and let the issues get any worse. Instead, call the experts at Dells Service Center and make sure your BMW receives the high level of care that you expect for it.

BMW 520d Wheel image credit goes to: joephotographer.

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