When driving your car, you should always be conscious of any weird noises, movements, or actions that your car makes, for your own safety and the safety of others. As the person who drives your car the most, you’re the most aware of any potential problems and should have them seen to immediately.

Most of us love our cars; they’re an important part of our lives, as our main means of transportation, but also as a place where we see new places, bond with our families, and spend a substantial amount of time. For many people, finding the perfect car is an expensive but important chore. Brand loyalty, specificity around certain features, and personal preference all play a role in the type of car one buys. Saabs command a great amount of brand loyalty from its followers, and with good reason — they are both stylish and reliable, and convey a sense of class.

Because of the expense, care, and importance involved, it’s crucial to take care of your car. If you notice a problem or something not working as it ought you should you take it in immediately to avoid longer-term damage and higher repair expenses. That’s why if you notice a vibration or shaking on the passenger side, you should take it in to a trusted dealer or mechanic.

Why does the shaking happen?

Shaking can happen for a variety of reasons. A car is a finely-tuned instrument, with many different parts all working together to make the car move smoothly and effectively. As such, one little thing going awry can cause a reactionary effect throughout the car.

With so many interconnected parts, it’s possible for the shaking to come from a number of different places. The most common culprit are the wheels. Specifically, the tires may be at fault. When driving at high speeds, the shaking may begin or intensify, and this is probably because one of your wheels is not balanced or not aligned.

Thankfully, this has an easy fix, as you can get your tire aligned at most tire shops relatively easily. The tires might also be unevenly worn. You can spot this by checking the treads on all of your tires and seeing whether or not there is more or less tread on any of the tires. You can get them rotated to help even the wear.

Rather than the tire itself, the vibration could also be caused by a wheel being out of whack. This is often caused by damaged or worn wheel bearings. While a less common problem, it could happen at any time. Worn or misaligned tie rod ends or ball joints could also be a problem. If the shaking becomes worse or noticeable going around a corner or curve, than it’s likely to be a tie rod end issue, but if it shakes noticeably whilst driving and calms moving around curves, it’s more like to be a ball joint.

If you’ve been through an accident recently, it’s possible that an axle on the car has been damaged and is throwing off the wheel movement. Most likely, a pronounced vibration coming from one area of a car means that you should look at that area of the car, as most of the causes are mechanical. With these mechanical problems, the vibrations are telling you where to look.

Where should you go?

Regardless of the type of problem you have, seeking out a trusted mechanic should always be on your list. Particularly if you’re not mechanically minded, it’s crucial to ask an expert whenever you are not sure what’s happening. Luckily, Dell’s Service Center is prepared to help you with any of your problems.

Specializing in European vehicles, we can comfortably handle your Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo, and many others. Specifically, we can work with your Saab with an expertise you can trust. As you will be hard-pressed to find a Saab dealership open these days, you can trust Dell’s Service Center, serving Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI for all of your Saab needs. We provide quality, reliable service that’s specialized to the needs of your car. With 5 out of 5 stars (out of 178 reviews) we know that our services are providing car-owners with what they need. Stop in to see us at work and let us help you.

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