Volkswagen is well-known for producing an impressive range of vehicles designed to handle every aspect of modern life. However, one problem which can affect this perfect match is increased fuel consumption. Causing your Volkswagen to become more expensive to run, this issue is easily avoided and rectified. Read on to find out more.

Stop Bad Habits

The number one preventable cause of increased fuel consumption is bad driving habits. While these little driving shortcuts may save you time or be more convenient, there is a price to pay which comes in the form of fuel consumption. The top bad habits drivers are guilty of include:

1. Excessive Idling

It is a common misconception that keeping your engine ticking over is better for your car’s parts and your fuel consumption. While this may have been true in vintage vehicles, in modern VWs, this is false. When idling in modern cars, you are actually consistently burning more fuel than you would if you stopped your engine and restarted it.

2. Impulsive Driving

Being heavy on the pedals will cause excessive fuel consumption. While accelerating fast feels great, in terms of your fuel economy, it simply isn’t worth it.

3. Speeding

The key to maintaining great fuel efficiency is keeping your vehicle within a certain speed range. Regularly speeding or driving over this range is dangerous, of course, but it will also cause your VW to guzzle fuel.

4. Heavy Loads

Driving your VW under loads heavier than listed in your owner’s manual will impact your project miles per gallon, not to mention the extra strain and pressure it will put on your vehicle. Driving at speed up steep hills will also have a similar effect.

Part Failure

Keeping on top of good maintenance practices will help ensure you avoid some of the leading part-related causes of increased fuel consumption. Fail to do so, and you may be dealing with some of the issues listed below.

1. Bad Tires

A lot of drivers think fuel consumption is all about the health of your engine, but in fact, your wheels have their own part to play too. Tires that are at the wrong pressure can cripple your gas mileage, and misalignment and uneven tire wear can play a part too. Poor tires cause increased resistance, which means that your engine has to work hard to achieve the necessary traction and drive.

2. Bad Fuel Supply

Any problem with the fuel delivery system will impact upon your VW’s fuel consumption. Issues with the fuel pump, the gas tank, the fuel filter or the fuel injectors will have a direct effect on the amount of fuel your engine will receive. A low supply or an excessive supply of fuel will impact the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

3. Low Oil Level

Poorly maintaining your oil levels will cause your VW to guzzle fuel. Oil is needed to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, and without this, the friction inside the engine is increased. The oil also helps keep the engine running smoothly. Without it, your engine has to work harder and will quite literally wear itself out in the process.

How Dell’s Service Center Can Help

Dell’s Service Center is perfectly situated for VW drivers of the Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI areas. For many in the community, we are a motoring mainstay, having grown with the people of Green Bay for 46 years, servicing fathers and sons and mothers and daughters for generations.


Dell’s Service Center can help you with your VW’s fuel consumption problem in many ways. We will check your wheel alignment and tire pressure as well as replace balding or punctured tires. We will change out old oil and top it off with new oil, as well as clear away any sludge buildup which might be impacting your VW’s performance. We will also inspect your fuel system to make sure that your fuel injectors are clean and your fuel pump is functioning correctly.

At Dell’s, you can rest easy knowing that your prized Volkswagen is being worked on by the best. All of our mechanics are ASE certified, and Dell’s is accredited as a Bosch Service Center, meaning you know you’ll always be driving away safe and happy. Call us today for an appointment.

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