When the hotter weather starts to pick up, the dashboard and interior of your car runs the risk of damage.  UV light is very damaging to the interior of cars. Your Mercedes cabin needs to be protected. Thankfully there are ways that you can protect the interior of your car even if it is already cracked. Limiting the amount of sun exposure in any way possible will give your car better long-term protection especially during the hotter summer months.

Block the Sun

The best method you can use to protect your dashboard and your interior is simply to keep them out of the sun when at all possible. Consider a few different strategies to achieve this.


First, park your car indoors or under some form of cover if at all possible. In the middle of summer, even finding a spot with minimal shade as opposed to a spot directly in the sun will help your car. You can also have your vehicle windows tinted, which will help reduce the amount of direct UV lights that gets inside your cabin.


Get a windshield sun shade to protect your car if you have to park in an area that’s open and unprotected. Remember that the windshield is the biggest glass opening your vehicle has, so  the highest amount of sun comes through the windshield. With a sunshade, even if you only have one on the windshield, it will prevent the UV lights from coming in straight on and hitting your dashboard and your seats. Any amount of prevention, even if the sun can still get in through the driver and passenger side windows, is going to help.

Let Science Lend a Hand

If you don’t have access to any type of indoor parking or you just want to protect the cabin of your vehicle while you are on the road, you can let science lend a hand. There are certain cleaning products that are designed to leave a chemical barrier on the leather, plastic, or vinyl interior of the car. If you use these types of cleaning products during the summer months or when you’re going to be driving out in the sun it will present with a barrier that protects your car from the penetrating rays of the sun.


There are even certain fabric cleaners that provide similar protection, and you can use these on the floor or carpet inside your car or on that rear shelf if you have one behind the back seat. These are great things to use even if it’s not the middle of summer. You might be driving around in winter on a long road trip, but you are still exposing your car to the penetrating rays of the sun during that drive on the open road.

Crack Your Windows

When you keep your windows rolled up and you park your car during hot weather it turns your car into an oven on the inside. During high summer temperatures it is not unheard of for the inside of a vehicle to reach upwards of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass from your car windows and windshield create a greenhouse effect that amplifies the direct rays from the sun. This means that any heat felt outside is going to be more intense inside your vehicle.




One thing you can do to help protect the interior of your car, especially if there is already a crack in your dash, is crack your windows. Crack a window on one or both sides of your car to allow hot air a place to escape. This makes the air inside your car less punishing not only on the expensive material but on the special glues that hold everything together. Your dashboard and the interior material for your seats will thank you if you protect them with this and other tips. The more ways you keep your interior cooler during the higher temperatures, the longer your vehicle interior will last.


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