Land Rovers can run into a problem with the transmission and experience gear selector issues. This can be frightening when driving and concerning. Transmission problems should be addressed right away to avoid accidents and other problems and ensure your gear selector is working properly so you can have confidence in your Land Rover. Below, we will review how to identify gear selector issues, the causes of these problems, and where to go to get them fixed quickly and affordably.

Transmissions Problems

If you find yourself having difficult shifting gears in your Land Rover, the problem could be involved with the gear selector components, the transmission, or the clutch.

If the problem happens to be with your Land Rover’s transmission, there is likely some complex work to be done that can cost you quite a bit of money. Most likely, when having problems with the transmission, more symptoms will be present than a stuck gear selector. Some symptoms to expect are weird noises and erratic gear-shifting.

If the issue involves the clutch locking up or slipping, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace the clutch. You’ll also probably experience a few additional symptoms related to shifting gears in the transmission, not directly related to the gear selector. Again, this will require a few repairs and replacements that can get costly, especially when you need the help of a trained mechanic.

Once you have ruled out problems with the transmission and the clutch, you can start to look at the actual gearbox of your Land Rover.

The Gear Selector Bushing

In general, a bushing is a rubber covering that goes around the articulation points in your transmission that helps you shift gears efficiently. They function similarly to the cartilage in your body’s joints. When cartilage wears out between bones, they start to get painful or lock up.

A central bushing in your transmission systems connects the gear changing levels (located under the hood) to the gear selector lever. The bushing encompasses the lever’s tip and enables it to move smoothly while staying in place.

How To Fix The Gear Selector Bushing

The gear selector bushing will slowly disintegrate as you drive your Land Rover. This causes the gear selector lever to noticeably loosen. The lever might wobble as you try to shift gears, and without a tight fit of the bushing, you may have problems with completely engaging the gears.

Overall, the bushing helps to direct the lever’s energy into engaging the gears. As the bushing wears out and disintegrates, you lose power and the lever will not have the strength to engage the gears the way that it used to. In turn, this requires more force from the drive to engage the gears and keep your car in gear, which is inconvenient and frustrating for drivers expecting a smooth, easy ride from their cars.

Unfortunately, a gear selector bushing of any material is not repairable and must be replaced. Worse, bushings are often sold in kits instead of individually, so you’ll need to replace the entire system if there’s a problem.

Dell’s Service Center

Located off of Vanderperren Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Dell’s Service Center is Wisconsin’s premier European automotive repair shop. We service Green Bay Land Rover drivers along with those in the surrounding areas, including Manitowoc and Sturgeon Bay and others.


In addition to repairing or replacing the clutch, transmission, or gear selector bushings to remedy your gear selector problems, Dell’s Service Center offers the following services and repairs for your prized Land Rover:

We only hire the most highly trained, ASE certified mechanics to work on your Land Rover. OS, if you find yourself experiencing any of the following problems with your Land Rover’s transmission, bring your vehicle to see us today. We are happy to inspect and diagnose the problem so we can suggest replacements or repairs that suit your Land Rover’s problem. We offer routine maintenance to keep your Land Rover in top condition as well as immediate help for owners who find themselves with a sudden issue. Call us today to make a convenient appointment.

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