In a Mercedes, everything is assembled with great care and each part has a place and a purpose that all add up the otherworldly luxury associated with Mercedes for over 90 years. With that said, drivers often want to customize their vehicle further and in a Mercedes it’s important to know the limits to safely lower the suspension.

Advantages of lowering suspension

While most people lower their vehicle because they prefer the appearance of a lower car, there are quite a few advantages to having your suspension lowered. Lowering the car’s center of gravity leads to a better handling vehicle and the reduction of drag against the lower vehicle can lead to better fuel mileage and an overall more economic vehicle. A lowered car can even lead to a reduced risk of vehicle rollover occurring in the event of an accident.

High-class vehicles are made to exceed expectation and set new standards of performance and Mercedes is no exception. There are countless different lowering kits available and depending on the model of your Mercedes, can be just a click away. Once you have them though, it’s important to make sure they are installed properly.

Common way of lowering suspension

One of the most common ways a vehicle’s suspension is lowered is by cutting the springs in the suspension to the desired length. It’s important to note that in a Mercedes, the suspension springs can be exceptionally long and could take a lot of alterations before you begin to actually notice an impact with your vehicle’s suspension. If you’re going to cut your springs, it’s important to do so with a professional’s help and to know the exact measurements that you’re looking to reduce them to for your car. You can also order shorter springs for a more accurate albeit more costly alternative.

Knowing the model of your Mercedes is also an important key to knowing just how low your suspension can go before it begins to negatively affect your vehicle’s performance.

Negative impacts of lowered suspension

Lowering the suspension too low can lead to a variety of negative impacts on your Mercedes that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bottoming out- with your vehicle lower to the road, it’s easier for it to hit the road and also have trouble going over speed bumps or going through dips. Any contact your vehicle makes with the ground can cause damage under the vehicle. In particular the exhaust and the oil pan are most likely to be damaged with constant contact to the ground as they are the most exposed parts under the vehicle.
  • Conflict with the rest of the car- it’s possible that by lowering the suspension, you’re creating an issue with the rest of the vehicle’s components. A lowered suspension can get caught up in the brakes or in tire sidewalls. If any of that should happen, there can be extensive and significant damage caused to your vehicle and an incorrectly lowered suspension can actually chew on the tires, meaning finding an experienced mechanic to perform the task should be your first priority.
  • Trouble towing or lifting- it’s often overlooked but a suspension that’s been lowered can make it much harder to have your vehicle towed in the event of an issue. Even maintaining your vehicle can be made harder if you use a manual jack to service your vehicle. It’s important to take those maintenance needs into consideration before lowering your suspension and when deciding how low to go.



Take help of a Mercedes certified professional

If you are going to lower the suspension in your Mercedes, it’s important to make sure you’re using quality parts and avoiding the cheaper second rate alternatives. It’s also essential to make sure that you have the help of a licensed and Mercedes certified professional when making any changes to the suspension.

Final words

While there are no safety issues with lowering the suspension in your Mercedes, knowing the limits of your specific model and how to safely modify the suspension will lead to far less aggravation and issues down the road. Better fuel mileage, increased handling capabilities and more are just a few simple steps away and when adjusting the suspension is handled properly and with quality tools. Mercedes are built to deliver exceptional and reliable performance for years and with a lowered suspension, an already class leading luxury car can be turned into something otherworldly.

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