Your Saab’s check engine light may come on for many reasons, and this necessitates prompt care. The Check Engine Light (CEL) is a component of the OnBoard Diagnostics system (OBD). When an issue is detected, the CEL is activated. It is important not to ignore this warning light, as it is the first, and sometimes the only, warning indication that there is a problem under the hood.

There are times where drivers assume the problem is only minor, but they may be met with a big surprise and an unnecessary repair bill if they ignore the problem for long. Long ago, the check engine light could indicate a problem with the exhaust system, which didn’t seem like a necessary fix for many drivers. However, with advancements in technology now, there aren’t any vague reasons for the engine light to illuminate.

If the engine is alerting you to a problem in a modern vehicle, trust that something is happening under the hood that could damage your engine and its components. Save yourself the unnecessary expense of further damage to the engine and have it properly diagnosed.

Common Reasons for the CEL

The following are some typical causes for the check engine light to turn on in a Saab:

  • Flashing CEL from Ignition Problems: The check engine light most frequently comes on due to the ignition system. Spark plugs, plug wires, and ignition coil packs make up some of the ignition system. These components work together to ignite the fuel for combustion. If the system is not working, it will signal you through the dashboard warning lights, including the check engine light.
  • Fuel System Problems: Considering every engine needs oxygen, fuel, and a spark to ignite, your Saab’s fuel system may frequently cause the engine to misfire if it runs too low or rich. Also, a dirty mass air flow sensors may contribute to engine misfiring. Alternatively, the fuel may not be atomizing properly, or there might need to be more fuel for complete combustion. Your Saab will signal you about this problem with your CEL on the dashboard.
  • Defective fuel injector: The fuel injectors in Saab turbocharged engines may frequently malfunction, which causes excessive exhaust smoke and difficulty running and starting. Your vehicle can alert you of a fault using the CEL, so keep an eye on the warning indicators and bring your Saab in for service when necessary.

Other Concerns

Your Saab’s check engine light may also be flashing due to other problems. They include:

  • Timing Chain malfunction: Sometimes, the timing chain in your Saab may jump, making it problematic if you have variable valve timing (VVT).
  • Crank/Cam Sensor: It is hard to correctly time the ignition when the ECM or PCM cannot read the crank or cam sensors. Your Saab will run poorly if it ever manages to start.
  • Check Engine Light: Your Saab’s check engine light can flicker instead of staying on constantly, which could indicate that the engine is having trouble and may suffer severe damage. In this situation, you should take your Saab to the mechanic shop immediately.
  • Anti-braking system malfunction: The check engine light and the ABS warning light may also illuminate. You must take your car to the mechanic as quickly as possible if this occurs.


How to Get Your Saab Serviced and Repaired Properly

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Dell’s Service Center recognizes that every vehicle and customer has specific requirements, and we make every effort to meet them. The European automotive experts at Dell’s Service Center will take care of your automobile using the latest modern tools and techniques. Our mechanics undertake the full process in-house. No matter the situation, we can take care of your car from diagnosis to repair and maintenance.

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