Back in the day, rolling down your window took some serious elbow grease. If you wanted to experience the beautiful summer breeze, you had to work for it. That means balancing one hand on the wheel while cranking the lever with the other. Now, thanks to modern technology, automobiles are equipped with automatic features. One of those advances has to do with the power windows.

The Mercedes-Benz specifically is known for having updated features that are as smooth as butter. Rolling down your windows has never been an easier task. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz is also known for having features that stand the test of time. It makes sense that they would be designed with such quality, being that the price tag is hefty.

However, like most automobile parts, automatic windows can experience malfunction. This makes experiencing that coveted breeze impossible. Car owners expect a Mercedes to perform at top quality, particularly when it comes to something seemingly simple as rolling down the window.

If you have a Mercedes and are experiencing issues with your automatic windows, check out these awesome maintenance steps that will help you both avoid and mend this issue. As always, it’s best to consult with an automotive specialist before trying to repair your car yourself.

Lubricate the Area

In order to really loosen up your automatic windows, you can apply a silicone-based lubricant to the affected areas. To do this, roll your windows down as far as they can go. Then, apply the spray to the small gap between your window and door. Don’t test out your windows quite yet. Let the lubricant sit for about a minute to really set into the parts. After the time has passed, try rolling up and down your window to see if it is easier.

Use Car Wax

Another do-it-yourself method is using car wax. Apply this waxy substance to the bottom of your window, slightly in-between that aforementioned gap. This process is much like the silicon-based method. Let it sit for a few minutes and then give it a test. You window should easily go up and down without trouble.

Invest in a Replacement

Over time, this system may require a complete replacement. Whether the issue is mechanical in nature or simply has to do with the age of the car, once you get a total replacement, you’ll immediately see a difference.

Check out the Interior Electrical Units

Sometimes the electrical units that control your car’s automatic features are worn due to excessive wear. This is something only a trusted repair shop should diagnose, and tricky electrical problems could be dangerous. Bring your car in for a complete servicing and have a mechanic look at how well your electrical pieces are functioning.

How to Avoid This Issue

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to be cognizant of how you’re rolling your windows up and down. If you’re using this feature excessively, over time, it’ll become worn. This results in your windows not rolling up and down with ease.

In addition, pay attention to the climate you are in. If you’re in a climate that has extreme weather conditions, make sure your car is covered or parked in a garage. This will keep it in pristine condition and help to avoid future complications.

Finally, it’s best to find a trusted mechanic to handle your car. The Mercedes brand is known for being high-maintenance. This even means paying attention to who you let work on your vehicle. Make sure everything you use on your Mercedes is of premium quality. In addition, keep up with your routine services. A trained mechanic will be able to spot potential damages before they worsen.

How We Can Help

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