Differential problems are nothing new for vehicle owners. It is likely you have heard someone else talk about their vehicle having differential issues or have experienced it yourself. As the component that transfers power to the wheels of a vehicle, the differential monitors different speeds of each wheel during turning maneuvers, too.

The setup of a differential depends on the drivetrain setup of each specific model. As you can imagine, a vehicle’s differential takes a lot of stress and wear, so replacing a vehicle’s differential isn’t that uncommon. When your vehicle starts going through oil quickly, begins to make noises as it turns, or develops extensive wear on its tires, differential issues may be to blame. This list isn’t all-inclusive of the signs of differential issues you may see in your Jaguar, either. However, they are some of the most common and useful for technicians in search of why your Jaguar may be experiencing differential issues.

Signs of Jaguar Differential Problems

Your Jaguar’s differential is responsible for keeping your vehicle moving in the right direction, so when it has problems you will definitely notice. Failing to keep your vehicle going in the direction you want it to, a malfunctioning differential can mean serious problems for your Jaguar. So, here are a few signs you should be on the lookout for that signify your Jaguar may be having differential problems:

  • Your Jaguar may burn through differential oil quickly
  • Difficulty steering and maintaining proper direction
  • A sound that resembles “grinding gears” and comes from the front of the vehicle
  • Extensive and obvious wear and tear on your tires
  • Worn carrier bearings and U-joints
  • Worn out transfer case
  • Driveshaft that is out of balance

As you can see, issues with your vehicle’s differential can affect a plethora of other components. It can wear them down, cause them to break, and even lock up some parts, altogether. Of course, the extent of the damage a differential problem can do in your Jaguar wholly depends on the model, itself, and its powertrain setup. So, it’s best to turn to professionals in your area should this occur in your Jaguar vehicle.

Serious Problems That Can Result from Differential Issues

There are many major problems that can develop from differential problems that may occur over time or emerge abruptly. From small to large in propensity, differential issues in your Jaguar are nothing to mess around with or ignore. In fact, they can grow into larger issues if they are not addressed and corrected in a timely manner.

Mostly, differential issues can make it dangerous for you to drive your own vehicle. Your Jaguar’s wheels could lock up, which may make it impossible to turn. Not only is this dangerous, but it could be deadly if it should occur in fast-paced or high-density traffic conditions.

Repair Options for Your Jaguar’s Differential Problems at Dell’s Service Center

If you’re in the areas of Green Bay, Manitowoc, or Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin, you can rest assured you have plenty of support for your Jaguar should it develop differential problems. Dell’s Service Center is a leading repair shop in these areas, and professionals employed here make dealing with differential problems easy & affordable.


While Jaguar owners or other repair shops may object to fixing differential problems, the experts at Dell’s Service Center do this on a daily basis. Bringing safety and comfort back to your Jaguar, the mechanics at Dell’s Service Center are standing by and ready to help in any way they can.

Specializing in European vehicle repair, Jaguar models are what our service technicians know. In-depth knowledge about how these models operate, as well as an understanding of the expectations of luxury vehicle owners, help our technicians succeed in providing quality customer service that is rarely matched. So, when you’re in need of a mechanic to look at your Jaguar’s differential problems, look no further than Dell’s Service Center. You can schedule an appointment conveniently online or call 920-494-2860 to set up a repair appointment.

Don’t let concerns about your Jaguar’s differential get you down. Fixing this component is our speciality for our experienced technicians at Dell’s Service Center.

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