Fixing a scratch in your windshield may seem like something that requires a complete replacement or a job better left for a professional mechanic to handle but with the right know how and a few common items, depending on the depth of the scratch you can actually fix them right in your own driveway. There are tons of ways that your windshield may get scratched over time as you drive, especially on busy roads and highways or on unpaved portions of road where loose debris is more likely to strike and scratch the windshield. If you’re noticing scratches in your windshield and want to try and stop them from getting any worse, use these methods for a quick and reliable repair to your windshield.


Methods to fix scratches

  • Acrylic Scratch Remover– Probably the easiest way to fill shallow scratches is by using this acrylic scratch remover which goes on as a liquid and will dry transparent and hard which will fill the scratches chemically and hide the damages.
  • Cerium Oxide Buff– If the scratches are a little bit deeper, a popular way to fix them is by buffing the glass out with cerium oxide. Mix this powder, which is used to polish glass, ceramic and metals, with water and make a paste that should be the consistency of glue. Use this substance to cover the scratched areas and then, take a drill with a hard rubber polishing wheel and apply pressure to slowly grind that surface smooth. If you keep the paste moist and add cerium oxide as needed then in time you’ll have a completely scratch free surface.
  • 0000 Grade Steel Wool– If you decide to go this route, you’ll need to be extremely careful but 0000 steel wool will help remove scratches. Keep the windshield wet to avoid scratching the windshield further. The cost of the steel wool may be a bit higher than some of the other remedies available for you to try but when compared to replacing the windshield it is still a more cost effective option to consider.
  • Toothpaste– Who would have guessed that the answer for those annoying little scratches in your windshield might be setting in the bathroom right now? Using a clear whitening toothpaste, squeeze just a dot onto a polishing cloth and rub it all over the scratch and repeat the process as needed. Wipe excess toothpaste off with a damp cloth and check to see if there’s been an improvement in the scratch.
  • Auto Repair Kits– Many companies manufacture glass repair kits that you can use to try and work out basic shallow and mildly deeper scratches. These kits usually contain various types of compounds and solutions and polishes to even the windshield out and buff the scratch out to the point of not being able to see it. Typically these kits are relatively inexpensive and the results seem to be varied but considering how expensive replacing the glass or having a professional mechanic do it can be, it’s worth it to consider every available option.
  • Seek the Help of a Professional– Depending on the size, depth and placement of the scratch in your windshield, the best option may unfortunately just be going to the professionals and having it checked out and properly repaired or replaced. While most windshields wont splinter or crack further once sustaining a scratch, if the scratch is in an area that obstructs your vision while driving, then it’s important you get it repaired immediately to help reduce the chances of an accident should you be unable to see the entire road or potential hazards.


Final thought

Cracks in the windshield aren’t the type of dilemma they once were, with just a few household supplies you can actually likely remove various types of scratches in just a matter of a few hours. There’s no reason to allow scratches any chance to accumulate or get worse over time so fixing them on an as-needed basis will help keep your windshield as clean as possible. In the event that there’s a scratch you can’t quite get rid of or it’s in an unsightly place that affects or alters your ability to drive and react, then it’s important you seek the help and opinion from a trustworthy service center to ensure that your safety and the windshield itself both remain intact.

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