The Mercedes brand strives to be on top of the automobile industry. They are known to provide smooth rides and luxury. One thing that makes the Mercedes brand stand out is that every year they release new brands with improved and new features. One such feature is the plastic guide rail which helps the timing chain to function.

The guide rail in Mercedes cars is made of plastic material, unlike other cars. The function of the guide rail is to ensure that the timing chain circulates well. The guide rail and the timing chain work together, with the guide rail ensuring the timing chain is working effectively by keeping it in motion and making sure the chain stays on track. The guide rail was initially made with steel, but because of its importance in the engine, manufacturers began to manufacture them using plastics so as to produce more guide rails to meet demands.

Unfortunately, like most plastic materials, the guide rail is susceptible to damage and eventual failure, especially when exposed to very high temperatures from the engine. When the guide rail is damaged, it is important to replace it.

Causes of Guide Rail Failure in Mercedes

The following are the causes of the failure of the plastic guide rail in your Mercedes. Most of these causes are due to improper maintenance. So to ensure the guide rail in your Mercedes remains functional, it is important to carry out regular, routine maintenance and also maintain safe driving habits.

  • Excessive Heat: Mercedes, like all car brands, produce heat that can get to extreme temperature. Although coolants and lubricants help to lower the temperature of the engine, the heat may eventually cause wear to different components of the engine system. Since the guide rail is made of plastic which can not withstand high temperatures, it may become damaged and will need to be replaced.
  • Increased Speed: When you drive your Mercedes at a high speed, there are tendencies for the engine to overheat. When overheating occurs, some components of the engine of your Mercedes may be affected. Among those components is the plastic guide rail which can melt or become damaged or brittle. When this happens, you will need to replace it.
  • Driving on rough roads: When you drive through rough terrain, the engine of your Mercedes can jerk, shake, and experience excess vibrations. This may cause damage to the guide rail of your Mercedes. The rough road can put excessive pressure on the body of the vehicle and the engine, causing the guide rail to become damaged.
  • Usage and Maintenance: All components of your Mercedes have a lifespan. As you use your Mercedes over time, components that have lived their lifespan begin to fail. The guide rail is among such components. Proper maintenance may help prolong the lifespan of your guide rail. During maintenance, your mechanic will check the guide rail to ensure it is in good condition and is functioning properly by keeping the timing chain on track.

Symptoms of Guide Rail Failure

Knowing and understanding when the plastic guide rail in your Mercedes has failed can go a long way to catch the situation before it degenerates into a more serious problem. The symptoms of plastic guide rail failure in Mercedes are usually some awkward sounds. Some of those include:

  • You will notice an unusual sound from the engine of your Mercedes.
  • When you start your Mercedes, you might hear a clattering sound.
  • The tensioner in your Mercedes engine will make a screeching noise.

If any of these symptoms are noticed in your Mercedes it is a sign that the guide rail of your Mercedes has failed. Immediate repair is required to prevent more serious damage to the engine.


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