Mercedes vehicles are admired for their endurance and dependability but they experience issues and component failures. One common problem we often see is oil pressure switch failure. If you are having any type of trouble with your vehicle, only take it to a Mercedes specialist. These vehicles require a mechanic who knows and understands their special requirements.

What is the role of the oil pressure switch?

The motor oil in your Mercedes needs to be under pressure to flow properly. Oil is critical for keeping components lubricated. When the oil doesn’t have the appropriate pressure, the oil will not be delivered accordingly. This leads to friction between components and permanent damage.

The oil pressure switch monitors the oil level and pressure. When there is a problem, it alerts the driver through the dashboard oil warning light.

Replacing the Oil Pressure Switch

If your oil pressure switch goes bad, you need to replace it. The switch monitors the pressure, so it is a critical component. If your oil pressure drops, your warning indicators on your dashboard will alert you right away. This gives you the opportunity to get your car off the road before more damage is incurred.

Having proper oil pressure is essential. Without it, the metal components will experience friction and excess heat. The switch is in place to warn you about the problem. If your warning light is triggered, pull off the side of the road and turn your car off. Continuing to drive can cause more damage, engine failure, and even higher service repair bills.

Warning Signs of Oil Pressure Sensor Failure

Your Mercedes has been designed to alert you when there is an issue. The most common warning signs of oil pressure sensor failure include:

Blinking Oil Pressure Light

If the oil pressure sensor is failing, it may cause the oil pressure light to blink. When drivers see this light, they often believe that their oil is low. Do not add oil without checking the oil level. Having too much oil can also damage the engine.

Constant Illuminated Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure switch can produce inaccurate readings when it begins to fail. This will trigger the dashboard oil pressure light. If the light is illuminated, check the oil level. If the level is correct, it may be a bad oil pressure sensor. Do not drive your Mercedes if you hear a ticking or grinding noise. These noises are a symptom of a failed pump.

Gauge Readings are Wrong or Erratic

When the oil pressure switch fails, it can cause the gauge to produce strange readings. The reading may sit on full or empty. Never add oil before you check the level.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Your check engine light may be triggered by a number of different issues. The light is there to let you know that your Mercedes has experienced a problem. One of these is a bad oil pressure switch. When your light is triggered, bring it into our shop. We can run a diagnostic check to determine the cause.

Avoiding Oil Pressure Switch Failure

The best way to prevent any type of component failure is by performing scheduled maintenance. Regular oil and filter changes are critical for keeping your engine running properly.


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