BMW is one of the high-performance vehicles that stands out on the streets. While most people are quick to attribute these to its elegant and flashy design, the reason a BMW remains an enviable car is not these reasons. It is because of the sophistication, safety, and smooth operation of the car. The vehicle’s state-of-the-art engineering makes its operation a seamless one. However, regardless of BMW’s reliability, the car is still susceptible to natural wear and tear after an extended period of use. One such component that tends to give in to the ravage of time is the clutch.

Understanding the Clutch

Contrary to the popular belief that only a manual transmission has a clutch, both automatic and manual transmissions have a clutch. The only difference is that while a manual transmission has a clutch pedal, an automatic transmission does not have one for driver’s to manually operate. Instead, the clutch is automatically applied at the precise time by your BMW’s technology.

The clutch connects the engine and transmission to either engage the transmission to transfer engine power to the wheels or disengage it.

How does the clutch operate?

A clutch is made up of two spinning shafts, one of which is usually powered by a motor or pulley and the other of which is used to drive another device. The clutch joins the two shafts, allowing them to be locked together and rotate at the same speed or decoupled and rotate at different rates.

Depending on the application, there are a variety of clutch designs. A dry single-plate clutch with two friction surfaces is used in most automotive clutches. The function and purpose of a clutch, regardless of the application, is to transmit torque from a rotating driving motor to the transmission.

Signs of a Failing Clutch in your BMW

Just like most parts of a BMW, there are some telltale signs that usually come up when the clutch begins to fail. These signs include:

  • Slow or no movement: When you start your engine and it is running properly but you have trouble shifting into gear or keeping the vehicle in gear, there is definitely a problem with the clutch.
  • Extremely soft clutch pedal: This is usually applicable to manual transmissions. An indication of an issue with the clutch is a soft clutch pedal. You may notice that the pedal goes down without resistance when you press on it. The cause of the problem is usually an issue with the master cylinder.
  • Extremely hard clutch pedal: When the clutch pedal of the car is harder than usual, this is also another indicator that the clutch is experiencing some difficulties.
  • Odd smell: When driving, and you perceive a strange odor from the car, especially when you try to use the clutch pedal, this means there is something wrong with the clutch. Sometimes, this could be the scent of something hot or burning.
  • Gear problem: The gears and the clutch work very closely with each other for vehicle movement. As a result, when you notice that the gear of the car is not responding or it is misbehaving, a failing clutch may be the root of the problem.

Why does a BMW clutch fail?

The reason for clutch failure can be due to certain mechanical issues. These include:

  • A broken or loose clutch cable: The clutch relies on the cable for proper functioning. A loose or broken cable will prevent the driver from shifting gears or other related problems, including a hard clutch pedal, or slipping gears.
  • Failed hydraulic master cylinders: The proper functioning of the clutch also depends on the right amount of pressure from the master cylinder. The absence of appropriate pressure would cause the clutch to fail.


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