Owning a Porsche is a luxury that every car enthusiast dreams of. Their unrivaled performance and design are the envy of manufacturers worldwide. If you are a Porsche owner in Green Bay, WI, then you know how special your driving experience is compared to other drivers commuting; however, you also know that, like all other engineered machines, even Porsches experience issues. Furthermore, every brand of vehicle faces its own unique set of challenges that require specialized automotive knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat. This is why it is particularly important to find a trusted automotive shop that houses well-versed Porsche certified technicians. Going to a Green Bay dealership can be astronomically expensive, and with a high car and insurance payment, sometimes those costs simply aren’t feasible. It is important to know a little bit about your Porsche’s inheritance so that you can keep repair bills down with preventive maintenance; here are some of the most common repair problems that Porsche owners face.


Issue in cooling systems

One of the issues that Porsches face is related to the efficiency and functionality of their cooling systems. Coolant loss is not uncommon for models such as the Porsche 911 Carrera especially. Any number or combination of factors can cause coolant loss, which is why it is critical to have an accurate diagnosis performed by specialists who are familiar with all Porsche models. Coolant loss could be due to a cylinder lining crack, or leaks in the coolant reservoir. Both of these issues can be prevented with routine maintenance of the cooling system. A good automotive shop will know that your Porsche may be especially susceptible to cooling system issues, and will be able to detect a problem early on, and hopefully before coolant loss causes your Porsche to overheat.

Mass airflow sensor failure

Another issue that is common among Porsche models is mass airflow (MAF) sensor malfunction or failure. The mass airflow sensor is responsible for communicating the proper fuel to oxygen ratio intake that is necessary for optimal combustion. When the airflow sensor is not working properly, this can cause your car to have difficulty accelerating, or even igniting at all. This is especially concerning for drivers in the Green Bay area who commute to and from work each day; if your Porsche is your primary mode of transportation, you might be taking the bus for a while. When the MAF sensor malfunctions, it can cause stress on the other parts of the engine, making your repair bill unexpectedly higher than anticipated. While MAF sensor issues may be easily fixed, the ramifications of their failure can be more complicated to address.

Braking system deterioration

Lastly, the braking system in Porsches tends to deteriorate at a higher rate than other vehicles might. Because the braking system is directly related to the safety of the travelers inside the vehicle, it is critical to have your Porsche’s brakes inspected each time you have a tune-up or oil change. Sometimes brake issues are related to brake-fluid leaks or corrosion of the automatic brake system components. This is particularly problematic in areas with condensed traffic conditions like Green Bay; brakes tend to wear faster in city traffic that causes vehicles to consistently use the braking system in stop-and-go traffic. Having rotors and brake pads checked regularly is a good idea, and is often most convenient when you have your tires rotated or switched out—this is an optimal opportunity to have your brakes inspected with full access to the braking system components.


Where to go for proper maintenance

Dell’s Service Center has been serving the Green Bay area since 1969—an impressive stretch of time for an automotive shop. They have stayed in business because of their commitment to honesty, and providing their loyal clientele with exceptional service at competitive prices. They have the same certification and expertise that any Porsche dealership has, except they have a community-focused business approach; their goal is to help make vehicles safe and road worthy for families and car enthusiasts alike. Whatever issues your Porsche may face, Dell’s Service Center has seen it—after almost 50 years in business they have customer service down to a science. Call to schedule an appointment at Dell’s Service Center for an inspection that’s performed by a Porsche specialized technician.

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