Purchasing a luxury car is a privilege that not everyone has; they are generally more expensive to purchase, and in the long run, can become costly when it comes to maintenance and repairs. While that is a notable downside of the luxury vehicle market, for car enthusiasts, luxury vehicles tend to offer the best quality in performance and endurance. Luxury vehicles, such as Audi, are known for their impeccable engineering and advanced technological components, making them a commodity in the automotive industry. Audi in particular is a luxury brand that tends to happily meet the expectations of its customers with all of their models. With that being said, unfortunately all luxury vehicles all come with their own set of common issues that are widespread complaints for their customer bases. Some of these issues are imperative to the function of the vehicle, while other issues may be more minimal in the impact on the drivability of the car. One such issue that is common among Audi vehicles is headlight malfunctions. During the day, this is not such an issue for drivers; however, this can become problematic if a majority of one’s driving is done at night.


Burnt-out bulb

Upon purchasing your own Audi, you probably envisioned yourself never having another car issue again. Unfortunately, this is simply an unrealistic wish—no such perfect car exists, even though Audi comes pretty close. The headlight malfunctions that Audi drivers commonly experience are typical of these cars, and while nothing is ever perfect, at least you can have access to information that will help you know what to do if you experience an issue with Audi’s headlights. One of the common issues with headlights in general may be a burnt out bulb. This can be a relatively easy fix—simply replace the broken bulb and see if it works. Other issues may arise if, in fact, the issue is not with the bulb itself, but with a more complex component of the headlight system. Another typical issue regarding headlights is a blown fuse. When a fuse is blown, it will generally affect both of the headlights, whereas when a bulb is blown, it will only affect one of the headlights. This can be helpful in determining where the cause of the issue stems from.

Contact a qualified mechanic

When headlight issues occur in Audis, it is always recommended that you take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately. It is even further advised that you seek out only the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are educated on Audi vehicles, and even more so, are familiar with the common issues that Audi owners tend to experience. Audis are highly technologically advanced cars, especially newer models; when the car experiences a malfunction of any kind, it can generally alert the driver that there is a problem. This can be helpful if your headlights malfunction during the daytime so that you can avoid being on the road in the dark, possibly preventing getting a ticket for your lack of headlights, or even more serious, prevent an accident. You may notice this alert on the dashboard when you first start your Audi, or it may persist throughout the drive.


Best way to fix malfunctioning headlights

Audi enthusiasts and experts in the automotive industry who are familiar with Audi vehicles have researched this issue and found that often the best remedy to fix malfunctioning headlights is to begin by following the cheapest route first by replacing the bulbs, and then if the issue persists, to inspect the headlight sensor. A knowledgeable automotive mechanic who specializes with Audis can help you with this process so that more problems do not occur due to an inexperienced servicer attempting to fix the problem. You will need to bring your car in anyway so that the proper equipment can be used to read error codes and accurately diagnose the problem. This will save you time and money in the long run, and will be well worth any diagnostic fees you may encounter. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to replace the headlight system altogether. To help get through this issue with minimal cost, take your car to a trusted automotive center who will work with you on pricing and can get you and your Audi safely back on the road again.

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