Over the years, and as companies have added more technology into vehicles, the automotive world has seen a rise in electrical components failures. Even superior quality vehicles such as the Audi brand are susceptible to electrical failure and require repair from time to time.

Common Electrical Issues in Audi

Let’s take a look at some of the issues your Audi may experience electrically, and what you can do if or when it happens.

  • Interface issues. Some of the most reported problems for Audi electronics come from the multimedia interface, also known as the MMI, which was developed in 2001 and is still in use. The MMI controls all of the car’s audio, communications, and navigation From simple audio to voice recognition and displays, the MMI is the entertainment brain of the Audi.
  • In line with the MMI, Audi’s digital dashboard displays have come under scrutiny in recent years due to failure.
  • Power window failures can be a common problem in vehicles, including Audi. Usually, the first window to fail will be on the driver’s side due to the higher frequency of use. Although it is not detrimental to making your way home, power window failure is an extreme inconvenience, especially during times of severe weather or with the inability to secure the interior of your vehicle by rolling up the window.
  • Electrical issues can cause battery drain. Some owners have reported battery drain due to electronics failure elsewhere in the car. In some cases, a properly-working battery has been reported to drain in less than an hour, resulting in a surprised and frustrated driver when they attempt to start their vehicle.
  • Brake lights that are stuck on. Brake lights that stay on at all times while your Audi is running appear to be another electrical issue reported by owners who required repair.
  • Ignition coil failures can be severe and leave you stranded while commuting in your car. Misfires and poor performance may result from a failed ignition coil. Some technicians have reported ignition coil failures in Audi to be among the most frequent issues when a car is brought in for diagnostics and repair.

Reasons for Electrical Failure in Audi

As mentioned, one reason typically for electrical failure is the fact that cars have advanced in technology. Manufacturers try to stay ahead of their competitors, so more advanced systems have been added to their vehicles. With more components that have not had years of testing while in operation, they can be prone to premature failure until the engineering catches up.

Liquid damage can wreak havoc with your electrical system. Liquids and electricity do not mix. With the MMI system located under the cup holders in Audi vehicles, many accidental spills have caused a trip to the shop for repair.

Vibrations and loose connections can be the source of electrical problems. Whether a loose connection appeared when the vehicle was built or caused by vibrations, constant bumps, and impacts on the road, electrical components with poor connections are disasters. Displays in all types of vehicles have been susceptible to road vibrations and damage from driving impacts. Electronic switches such as those that control the brake light system can also be affected under the same circumstances.

Electrical Issues and Your Safety

While some of these electrical failures can be a nuisance, others such as stuck brake lights and the loss of displays present a safety issue for the occupants of the vehicle. Ignition coil failure and drained batteries can leave others stranded on the road with passing traffic. Electrical problems tend to show themselves over time. If you begin to see quirky electrical issues in your Audi, have it immediately inspected by an experienced Audi technician.


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