Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a growing industrial area that is home to many families. When you rely on a car to get you from point A to point B, it can be more than just a hassle when your car battery dies at the most inconvenient of times. Although Mercedes-Benz is known for their excellent workmanship and engineering, like every other vehicle, sometimes things go wrong. Preventive maintenance is always the best way to keep your car in the best running condition on any given day. Whether it’s an oil change, a tune-up, or just a routine check-up, preventive maintenance can inhibit most mechanical issues and allow you to catch problems before they impact the other working parts of your car. However, sometimes routine check-ups cannot account for everything—one morning, you may step out of your home in Green Bay, rushing to get to work, only to get into your Mercedes to find that your battery is dead. Issues with draining batteries are not unique to Mercedes, however some cars tend to have quirks that professional repair shops know more about than the average person does.


Forty five years of experience

Green Bay is home to plenty of auto repair shops; in fact, it seems that there is at least one on every corner. So, how do you know what repair shop is the best choice to help your Mercedes get her life back? Finding a mechanic in Green Bay is not especially difficult, however, especially when you own a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz, it is imperative that you look for a repair shop that specializes in European automobiles. Dell’s Service Center in Green Bay has been serving the community with excellent reviews for 45 years—that is a significantly lengthy period of time to stay in business, no matter what type of company you are talking about. For decades, these European auto specialists have taken pride in each and every repair that leaves their shop—and their customers have noticed. Many of the customers who frequent Dell’s have been loyal patrons for years, and they do not hesitate to refer their closest family and friends.

Professionals understand complex issues

It is not uncommon for every driver to encounter issues with a car battery at one point or another; after all, it should be replaced periodically. Whenever you experience symptoms of a drained battery, it is possible that it could be due to other more serious issues, such as electrical system or control unit failure. Many auto enthusiasts replace their own car batteries, which is dangerous and sometimes ineffective—repairs that may seem simple can actually be far more complex issues, and before you go to far, it is better to leave the work to the professionals. When you own a luxury brand such as a Mercedes-Benz, it is always wise to assume that not every mechanic will have the same passion for your car as you do, and they will likely treat it as such. It is a far better option to seek out professionals with a high level of expertise in European engineering than to settle for any random Joe mechanic on a street corner in Green Bay.


Wrap up

With Mercedes, there have been documented cases of issues with the battery draining. It is possible that this is due to any number of problems from sources other than simply the battery, such as: navigation units, alarm systems, interior lights, and audio system malfunctions. This is precisely why it is not a particularly smart idea to take it upon yourself to change your own car battery—you may be wasting money on a new battery, and secondly, you could cause harm to other aspects of the vehicle. Furthermore, a Mercedes-Benz is a complex machine; it is intricate and technologically advanced. When you invest in such a luxury brand, it is highly beneficial for the longevity and quality of the vehicle that you only have the car serviced by a business that specializes in European autos, Mercedes in particular. Dell’s Service Center in Green Bay will help you to keep your Mercedes in excellent working condition and will always ensure the quality of their work. Mercedes has an exceptional image to uphold, and Dell’s wouldn’t have it any other way.

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