If you are a car owner who knows automobiles, you are very much aware that your vehicle speaks to you. With sounds and also actions, the car is going to tell that there may be some problems underneath the hood you have to take a look at. Shifting gears is something that cannot be taken lightly when problems arise. It can be a case of serious transmission problems just starting to appear. Transmission repair is not cheap, but a full replacement is going to cost thousands of dollars and you want to avoid that. Trouble sometimes goes looking for you and you ought to be aware of the symptoms.

Alert signs of Automatic & Manual transmission

Your car can either be an automatic or a manual transmission, and you should be looking for danger signals that are particular to the type of transmission. Automatic transmission difficulty will rise if you cannot shift into a different gear, and forced to stay in only one. Another alert is that shifting the gears is harder than it used to be, and when there is even a delay. The delay can actually be a serious safety problem that you cannot ignore. The manual transmission is the traditional transmission and a stick shift is prominently used. Not that many new cars have manual transmission, but the older ones do and you may have a manual transmission. Your gear shifting problem may arise when the clutch pedal is not moving down when you want it to do that. Another serious issue is if the clutch pedal drops immediately to the car floor with just a little bit of pressure placed upon it. Another difficulty is that you simply cannot change gears; your gear shifting is not moving or else putting up a resistance to your efforts.

problems based on transmission

The trouble you experience does not mean that there is one universal problem. Remember, you may be dealing with an automatic or a manual transmission, and gear shifting difficulties will suggest different problems based on the kind of transmission in the car. An automatic transmission with gear shifting problems might simply be an adjustment of the external controls It is also possible those controls might need to be changed with new ones put in. The worst-case scenario would be the need for internal transmission repair brought on by worn or damaged parts. Difficulty shifting gears in the manual transmission indicates problems unique to the manual variety. It is possible the clutch cable is damaged, there may be binding in the clutch linkage, the clutch itself may not be disengaging as it should, and it is also possible there is a leak of fluid. Different means of resolving the problem will have to be used.

Don’t go for D-I-Y

A very stern warning to anybody who has an automatic transmission: do not try to fix the gear shifting problem yourself. Gears control the activity of cars, and the transmission itself is a very sophisticated piece of equipment. You need expert technicians to go in and take a look at the problem and make changes. If you try it yourself, you incur a very real risk of creating even further damage. The same can be said for the manual transmission but here’s a special consideration for the manual. This type of repair work is not universally done anymore. You ought to have your car looked at by a professional service center that still does manual transmission servicing. You have to resign yourself to pay a price for work done on the gears in the transmission. The alternative though is pretty stark. If your transmission is having trouble with the gearshift you can find yourself in a rather serious accident when the gears simply won’t move. Safety demands that you pay the bill.

Take expert help

Gear shifting trouble is the prelude to the transmission disaster. You cannot ignore it when the trouble arises. Make an appointment as soon as you can to have the problem looked at. Do not plan any long trips until difficulty has been diagnosed and corrected. Having a professional technician take a look at the gear problem is only sensible. A good service center is going to have a diagnostic equipment necessary to pinpoint exactly the difficulty is, and this means there is a better chance of the problem being taken care of completely. You need to have the gears shifting properly in any kind of traffic.

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