Nothing quite says “adventure” like the durable Land Rover. Seeing this car zipping through the streets just makes witnesses want to take an amazing journey through the woods. Although this car is known for its fun drive, it’s actually quite luxurious and appeals to a premium crowd. Because of its high costs, one would assume that the complications would be minimal. However, while it is certainly a reliable brand, it can have issues just like any vehicle.

One of the primary issues that Land Rover owners experience is suspension complications. While this issue may seem minimal, when left untreated, it can completely ruin how your Land Rover operates.

The best way to avoid harmful complications is to increase your awareness of potential issues. Understanding how your air suspension works and how to avoid possible complications will help you protect your investment. You’ll be glad you took the time to truly understand your Land Rover.

What Role Does Your Air Suspension Play?

Air suspension improves how high or low your car sits from the ground. This impacts how your car drives. Quality air suspension that’s free of damages makes your ride smooth and comfortable. However, a damaged air suspension system makes the drive rough and bumpy. Since the Land Rover is known for its smooth ride, anything less indicates suspension damage.

Air suspension communicates with your tires to avoid shock and rubbing with the ground. It senses how much weight your car is holding and makes the proper adjustments. When your air suspension is damaged due to excessive weight or stress on the system, your car will show immediate signs of damage. These signs may seem minimal initially. However, over time, they’ll begin to worsen; thus, damaging your car.

What are the Signs of Air Suspension Issues?

One of the first signs of air suspension issues is excessive leaning. Your car may begin to lean more towards one side; thus creating an uneven appearance. This excessive leaning puts a great deal of stress on one side of your vehicle. This causes irreversible tire damage.

Another key indicator of air suspension issues is difficulty steering. Your suspension system communicates with your tires and steering wheel. When you have issues with this system, it automatically impacts how well you’re able to steer. You may experience sticking or forceful jolts that inhibit your ability to drive.

How to Fix This Issue

While avoiding air suspension issues altogether is unlikely, there are things you can do to avoid the severity. To begin, keep your Land Rover serviced on a consistent basis. Usually, air suspension problems can be addressed early to avoid severe complications. A mechanical expert will work with you to keep your Land Rover well-taken care of.

Avoid driving your car until you can get professional help. Since your air suspension system works directly with your steering wheel, it’s best to keep it sedentary until someone can look at it. You would hate to lose control of the wheel or experience a sudden stop because you kept driving in an unfit vehicle.

Next, limit how much weight you put on your car. The Land Rover may seem like a tank. However, every vehicle has its own limitations. Try not to push it beyond what it can handle. Putting additional stress on your car by toting around heavy items could lead to air suspension failure. Avoid putting elaborate rims on your car as well to avoid friction with the road.

How We Can Help

Ultimately, the best way to deal with suspension issues and avoid possible failure is to keep your car well-maintained. Taking it in for routine services and address problems immediately helps to keep your Land Rover in good shape. Dell’s Service Center services the Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI areas. Our team is trained to deliver exceptional customer services that are trustworthy and affordable. You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or surprise fixes Specializing in premium vehicles like the Land Rover, we’ll make sure your vehicle is safe and in good condition. You’ll be ripping the streets in no time! If you suspect your Land Rover has air suspension failure, bring it to our shop as soon as possible.

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