In the age of smartphones, in which you can access music, pictures, and navigation apps, you may wonder why in-vehicle navigation systems are necessary at all. Dashboard-installed navigation systems are still very popular today—even with the recent boom of technology in cell phones. There are many advantages to using dashboard navigation systems, and many reasons why cell phones are not an optimal source of navigation for your trips. From increased safety to improved efficiency, in-car GPS units are far superior to cell phone navigation apps. Because most of us have come to rely on technological devices for daily guidance while driving, it is important that consumers research the benefits of installing dashboard navigation systems. Additionally, in areas like Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay, WI where traffic conditions can be draining, it is helpful to have an efficient navigation system to help you find the fastest route. Here are some advantages of having a GPS in your car:

They Don’t Run Out of Batteries

Relying on a cell phone to help navigate long drives can be both inconvenient and dangerous for drivers; if the battery runs out on a phone, you may have no other way of navigating the trip, potentially leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Even if you carry your phone charger with you, usually running a GPS app on a dying cell phone makes it difficult to recharge efficiently and can leave you intermittently without guidance. With in-dash GPS you don’t need to worry about such an issue—the unit is powered by your car’s battery.

Satellite, Not Cell Towers

Dashboard GPS units rely on satellite to receive and maintain a signal, making them more accurate, efficient, and reliable. When you rely on a smartphone to have consistent service and lead you to your destination without signal loss, you can be sorely disappointed. Dashboard GPS is preferred by many drivers for this reason alone. Cell towers are inconsistent with their service, and in certain areas service is unobtainable. On dirt roads, for instance, where there are likely no cell towers nearby, satellite will still come through.

Cell Freedom

Using your cell phone for GPS not only drains your battery, but it restricts your ability to use your phone for other tasks such as taking scenic photographs, or listening to music (as a passenger, not a driver). GPS apps can dominate your phone, especially when the narration feature is turned on. When you use an in-dash GPS unit instead of your smartphone, you simply have more freedom. It allows you to keep your eyes on the road, occasionally glancing at the large screen for easy directions.

Less Road Distraction

Cell phones are a huge road distraction for drivers today. In fact, the increase in driving accidents has thought to have been a direct result of smartphone use while driving. It is critical to stay off of your cell phone while driving in order to ensure your safety and to refrain from getting a speeding ticket. The more you look at your phone while driving, the more risk there is for an accident to occur. The easier visibility and limited distraction of in-dash GPS units is reason enough to look into installing one in your car.

Dell’s Can Help with Installations

At Dell’s Service Center, we routinely help clients install GPS units in their vehicles. We specialize in European imports, which are frequently customized with GPS navigation. Because we have the same diagnostic systems and equipment as the nearby dealerships in the areas of Greenbay, Sturgeon Bay, and Manitowoc, WI, we are highly qualified to perform such work, and you don’t need to waste your time and money at high-priced shops. Other than installing GPS units, we can also reset units that aren’t working properly and perform work covered under factory warranty. Our professional technicians are rigorously trained to handle the most current technological upgrades. We want you to enjoy your driving experience without hassle, and we’re here to help make your drive safer, more convenient, and comfortable. Contact us today for any auto service, to schedule a consultation, or stop by to meet the friendly, knowledgeable staff here at Dell’s.

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